How To Shop E-Vouchers In The Sodexo+ App

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Yay! Sodexo+ digital GCs can now be converted to e-vouchers! Here’s how you can enjoy shopping on the most popular online shopping sites including Shopee and Zalora with your favorite GC.

Update your Sodexo+ app now to unlock its newest feature: the Sodexo+ Shop.

iOS: 2.1.5 (2032) – iOS users must log out of the app and sign back in to unlock Sodexo+ version 2.1.5 update.

Sign up at to know how you can send your employees, partners, or consumers the most memorable digital GC today!


Gerald Diaz says:

i'm buying sodexo

Jona Cantoy says:

I have updated my sodexo + app but there is no shop tab. Pls advise?

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