How to slash your grocery bill without clipping coupons

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Stitchpuppy01 says:

Your teeth are amazing. .. I'm sorry, what about saving money??

Nadia .Marie says:

I miss Publix!!! Living in the UK I sometimes have a hard time because it's harder to get things in the small town I live in and with no car I end up having to shop far more frequently than I'd like.

Melanie Gonzalez says:

I zoned into the last part of this video also – this was not only a grocery help video but some crucial insurance insight! Always off to great points

Jill Gorze says:

I've created an Excel sheet for shopping, one for pantry that includes when I bought the item, when it expires and how many and one that lists the item, where it is located in the store and how much the item is.

Sharon Hanna says:

Im glad Im a canadian to eh

Ellen Lawrence says:

Beautiful babies! Congratulations Mama!

Heather Speck says:

Shop the markdown sections! Just be sure you check the expiration dates and if its perishable make sure it looks okay quality wise. Can be 50% or more discounted.

cusil518 says:

Awesome! Thank you !!!

yumyummoany says:

Hi, I de-crunch clothes line dried by putting them in the dryer for 10 minutes on hot. Takes out wrinkles and makes them soft!

yumyummoany says:

Just watching your video on simple life and I do wonder if you have read 'The Tightwad Gazette, if not I think you would love it. My copy came from an American library, bought here in the UK from Amazon for 1penny!

yumyummoany says:

You do so many things that we do, we are retired and to have what we want we budget on things not that important to us. I love your videos, you must inspire many people, you make things so clear.

yumyummoany says:

It must be a worry when you have a sick child. In Europe that is one money worry we don't have and it really helps.

Maureen Bullis says:

Less packaging means less waste and usually less money. We got a smaller trash can which costs less per month because we stopped buying food in packaging.

C Gt says:

Plus, when you buy pre cut produce, the chance of contamination increases. Who wants to spend more for e. Coli?

Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

Where I live, hospital bills can be negotiated. Never hesitate to call the business office and see if you can negotiate your hospital bill.

A. GM says:

Sounds like you did well. Great job! God bless!

Mandy Simmons says:

When we were power saving we'd go to our dangerous hood save a lot for cheap meat and we'd hit our flea market on the dicey side of town for enough fruit and veg for the month.  Some country meat markets had five packs for 20 bucks deals and I'd rice and bean it to stretch the chicken out.  It takes too much gas to do that now so we get publix packs of meat now and bogo vegs.  We live in a nice area now and don't want to slum anymore.  I can  make a plate out of the silliest things.  I grew up really PO and learned to stretch food really creatively out of need but now it's fun to see how much I can milk it.  I don't like bread crust so I save my bowls of it and put cinnamon and splenda and milk and egg and raisins on that and make my skinny hub a nice bread pudding.  I make him a hot oatmeal cup ( dollar tree coffee cups with DT foil around em ) so his lunch can be smaller and then I feed him stretchy plate at night.  If I do buy Chinese entrée I stretch it with 2 DT stir fry bags of veggies to get six or eight plates out of it and healthy it up too.  Fantastic.

Jodi Santillan says:

I love online grocery shopping because it gives me a running total as I shop, I don't impulse buy and only get what is on my list, I can check my pantry while I shop and I don't have to take the kids to the grocery store lol

Donna Robinson says:

Price/unit is the price divided by the # of ounces or pounds or sqft. The price/unit listed on the store shelf only works if you are buying the exact # of units listed. Most likely you're not buying 100 rolls of toilet tissue because the packages are sold in that unit. Whip out your calculator so you know the exact amount you're spending.

The Flowing River Farm , Toussaint Family says:

Sounds like you need an emergency fund for those unexpected events. I love the lunchables idea. The pantry checklist I need desperately. Thanks for your great tips.

ramlinshoes says:

If your grocery store offers it, buy bulk–nuts, grains, oats, candy, and especially spices

Amy says:

Just subscribed, so glad I found your channel! I hated/loved hearing your rock bottom story. Hate that you all had to go through that, but I was happy to hear you got fed up with debt! I've been slacking a little (probably a lot…) this last year when it comes to budgeting, meal planning & saving overall. My husband & I haven't had debt in over 2 years now, on top of some other things, we just have gotten lazy for these reasons. There's no excuse for being lazy, we're still trying to save up as much as possible (more than 20% if possible) for a down payment on our first home & we're saving cash for a new (to us) car. I've gotta get back on track & start saving like I used to. I think we got tired of always saving since we still haven't hit our big goals. Your videos are motivating me, thanks for that! 🙂

Rex G says:

We found out buying individually shredded pre-packages of cheese is far more expensive than buying a giant block and shredding it yourself. Not only is it creamier, but it also melts better and tastes better.
Also, we have started a family garden. And whatever surplus vegies we have leftover we give to family members. In turn they will give us groceries that we need so it works out for everyone.

Dallas Guidroz says:

your Awesome And pretty. I have learned so much from you. I learned to start Saying NO to everyone.

Kathy Petersen says:

here in southern California most times no coupons in the Sunday newspaper and when there is not much. have been implementing this for a while..thanks for tips. oh yeah, and the lunchable fight with my youngest one. it's over now because I never gave in! laugh

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