How to Use Coupons at Target Shopping Trip LOTS OF TOY DEALS and FREEBIES!

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Michelle Romero says:

how do you get the gift cards. I spent $100 at my target on baby items and did not receive my card??😑

Ramya Balakrishnan says:

Hi where do u get manufacture coupons

Keisha says:

You know how to shop! I need your skills. I hate paying full price for stuff. Do you follow the monthly rules, of when stuff is best to buy throughout the year?

Gladys Correa says:

I dont really get thw text toy so i text toy for wvwry toy i will be purchasing?

Brittany G says:

I love your videos. I'm going to start couponing now. I didn't think it was worth it but by breaking down the prices, it makes so much sense. Thank you!

mockingjaye says:

thanks for helping us save money!

diane garcia says:

Do you have a stock pile? If so please make a video. So glad I found your vid I was so confused on how to coupon at target

Lydias Life says:

i really need to start couponing! lol

Duhitzyagirl Musically says:

very nice deal

Naura King says:

I Love! your hair!

Satisyfying.slimes 1289 says:

She is going to 1 million super fast! I love your videos!

Angel Le says:

Dam ur smart!😂

Slime Gymnast says:

I have the doll elyse

JennyBelly1983 says:

I wish I had he patients for this I'd save so much lol But I found this video so interesting & just subbed to you girl 😉

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