How to use Coupons On Buy One Get One Free Store Sales

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Join Happy Homemaker Cindy as she teaches you a few examples on how to coupons with Buy One Get One Free Store Sales. You will need to check your local stores coupon policy on what they will or will not allow you to do. The ideas in the video may or may not work at your local store.


JoJo Miller says:

A lot of stores won't let you use BOGO coupon with a manf coupon, but walgreens does. Not sure about Kroger, we don't have one where I live, but you could look up Kroger's coupon policy online.

Krystal Tapia says:

i still dont understand how it wrks..can u explin it more thorouly?

noahhoff66 says:

I have a question. I have 4 like items of Olay. They are marked down to $10.00 each. I have a buy one get one coupon and I also have $5.00 off coupon for the same product. Can't I use one buy one get one off Olay, and one $5.00 off coupon at Kroger? They would only let me use one or the other coupon. I used two buy one get one coupons. Can you help me out here? Thank you.

easymoneynch says:

Thank you. Very interesting!

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