How to Use Coupons to Get Free Stuff at CVS – Guide to Couponing – GuidetoCouponing

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Jamie Ohrt says:

I hope you know that its illegal to re-sell the items that you purchased, I don't care what you do with your stuff…. but I thought you might want to know. 

Ashley Johnson says:

I see where you get things and how much they cost. I understand that you compare the stores to you coupons, but where do you get the coupons?

Aisha M says:

Sorry about that. I meant the process of entering the codes (like the Coke codes, Pampers, ect.) to certain websites in order to get points, rewards, free stuff, and/or coupons.

GuidetoCouponing says:

what code thing? you'll need to be more specific

Aisha M says:

In your book do you go over the code thing?

Aisha M says:

Wow, code master! I never knew about this!

Floppycats says:

thank god. just kidding. i know you're not a stalker. thanks on the book – it'll be fun to do another release.

Floppycats says:

thank god, i thought you were a jenny dean stalker. ha.

Floppycats says:

ha ha – didn't know you subscribed to this channel. really, you're an excel pro? like do you get equations and more? i want to take a class! glad you are blown away – it's so fun. love to do this. writing another book now.

l perez says:

I love ur video

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