How to use coupons with a Buy One Get One Free Offer from the store

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This video explains how to use a coupon with a Buy One Get One Free Offer from the store.


Mya Cusimano says:

is there an update on this? i want PIE. edwards pies to be exact. b1g1f store sale with 50 cent/1 coupon that says no doubling. can i use 2?

Evelyn Sanches says:

Lots of stores (retail and grocery) are changing their policy to where you cannot use a cents off coupon on free items

vongoth01 says:

very informative and useful 🙂 thanks for sharing

Rita Romero says:

I was told at walmart they will not accept a coupon on the free item?

Mandy Hernandez says:

you get them from the store ads

Jenny O says:

Where do u get store coupons from? All I have are manufactuors

Hajwnsa DawsalaSuntels says:

Buy one get on free the best deal!

Lori Wells says:

I have tried this twice at CVS (two differnt days). The 1st time they allowed me to do that and then when I tried it again they would not let me. So I am guessing it depends on who is checking you out at the cash register. What do you do in that situation?

stockpilingmoms says:

@26alexther Both are free 🙂

stockpilingmoms says:

@Creatiopoetic Yes, one must be a store coupon and 1 a manufacturer coupon to stack.

stockpilingmoms says:

@davettalashley Just call the stores you have and ask them, it is the best way. All stores can vary even in the same chain 🙁

stockpilingmoms says:

@tweetnshadow Yes, you can match a BOGO from the store and BOGO from the manufacturer and walk about the door with 2 free items (paying only tax if applicable)

stockpilingmoms says:

@bonnieandspike You are welcome!

stockpilingmoms says:

@SuperGrandmaLinda You are welcome!

stockpilingmoms says:

@breatheanote Yes, always check your store policy.

stockpilingmoms says:

@hairless25 You are welcome! Thanks!

breatheanote says:

Walgreens allows 2 coupons to be used on B1G1 items…. my Randalls does not.

Linda Gravitt says:

Wow! I didn't know that! I have been watching vedio's to learn. Thats awesome! Thank you for sharing.

ogtweetz masushige says:

so let me get this right, you have two items n u cn use the buy one get one free coupon on each item???? so more or less they cancel out each other and thats how its free???? or do i got it wrong??? if im right does that work everywhere or only certain places???? i live in los angeles cali…please xplain to me i would lov to learn how to do exteme couponing!!!

pjskimberly says:

@Creatiopoetic on a buy one get one free you can use 2 manufacturer coupons ( one for each item), if there is a store coupon as well you can use that too.

Creatiopoetic says:

I'm confused when you stack coupons are both coupons from the store circular OR does one have to be from the store circular and the 2nd coupon have to be from the manufacturer?

26alexther says:

how about when store has B1G1 FREE and u have a B1G1FREE coupon do u get 3 items or 4?

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