How To Use eBay Coupon Code for Free Supplies | Step by Step Walkthrough!

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In this video we show step by step how to find your quarterly ebay coupon code to use for free branded supplies!




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Andy Vizuete says:

I had no IDEA!!! just made my order…Thank YOU!

First Last says:

# wish code works # up to 50 % off first order code jlbpwbs happy shopping !!!

Atom Azersky says:

Thank you so much!!! Ebay used to tell you when you had a new code. It's been a long time since I've gotten an alert that it's available, I thought they discontinued this. Nope, they just buried it to save themselves money. Thanks so much. Glad I found your video, I only had 2 days before it expired.

Skywalker General says:

thank you!!! we would have missed the promo!!!!

oscar chavez says:

I think I have a normal account what’s the difference with having a store?

Elizabeth Jackson says:

Thanks! I've had a store for almost 6 months and never ordered the free supplies… did it today thanks to your video!

Diane Wallace says:

Does the basic store get this? I went to the page and there was no ebay shipping supplies so I assume that I don't.

Mari says:

Thanks. I ordered some today! Good info

Scott Pettit says:

Good information thanks. I have a question unrelated to this topic, I understand you have a store as part of your warehouse. Are there commercial zoning regulations in your area? Also when you do your monthly warehouse sales do you have any requirements to meet such as garage sale permits or anything like that? Thanks

alan says:

is this available on the uk site?

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