How to Use Printable Coupons To Save Money – Real Life Example by Thrifty Coupon Couple

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Earlier this week we told you about some coupons that were available to print at home. One was for Boulder Canyon chips and the other was for Nestle Candy Bars. (Both are still available to print at )

Today we took these printable coupons with us shopping and managed a great deal on both items. Our store had the chips on sale 3 for $5, so with our $1 off 1 bag coupons, they were free because our store doubles. Even if your store does not double coupons, these would only cost $2 for 3 bags!

The other great deal was using the Nestle candy bar Buy 2, Get 1 Free printable coupon.

These 2 items are just simple examples of how you can use coupons in your everyday shopping.

Looking for more information on how to use coupons? Want free printable coupons? Check out all of the printable coupons we have for you!

Join us at for more easy to follow money saving ideas as we share our Thrifty Coupon Couple lifestyle with you.

Jim and Kelli Shaw are high school sweethearts who have been married over 22 years. They share a passion for living life well and a savvy understanding of ways to save money. Thrifty Coupon Couple is a result of those money saving tips and tricks that they are willing to share with you. You will find printable coupons, sale alerts, online shopping hot deals, ways to save money around your home, tips for reducing your monthly budget expenses, and so much more.

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