How To Write To Manufacturer’s For Coupons

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How To Write To Manufacturer’s For Coupons

Hope this all gave you some more information here is the blog link as explained in the Vlog:

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linda goodswin says:

i have been doing free samples for over a month now and i have had loads by emailing and collect free sample on web sites i love it

dzikrina ana says:

I emailed Joie for their great pram and ask for replacement wheels&repair for the bumper bar, they sent me a whole new chassis so it's literally they gave me the new one. While On the other hand, I emailed Quinny asking abt their zapp xtra and so far has no reply. Good company needs to be praised.

miriam bilardi says:


Pam Hill says:

not been lucky in writing emails so far but will keep trying! Facebook has been better

GamerGeekChicUK says:

I love coupons

Lol hope your well x

Chloe R says:

I love coupons!

sue hodges says:

hi!  always use coupons when possible even if i do get some strange looks

Dawen Jones says:

Hey. I've tried this a few times and got nothing back. 

chad leigh says:

Hi I'm gonna start using your tips and write to manufacturers for gluten free goodies hopefully 🙂

Rainbow foxy says:

hi im in thanks for great videos it works most of the time xxx 

rachel carter says:

hi, loved the videos 🙂 x

Lisa says:

Hey 🙂 Total newbie but so excited!

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