Huggies Diaper Deal Moneymaker & How To Sell Them

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I’m here to help you coupon every step of the way. I love to coupon at Dollar General, Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s & Rite Aid. I try to use as many digital coupons as I can to reduce the money we both spend on paper and printable coupons. I also will do my best to provide you breakdowns with the lowest possible out-of-pocket.
Thanks for watching the videos. I hope you will comment if you have questions or even just say hey 😉 and share your learning with those that need to hear it.
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Yvonne West says:

Not sure by listening, but have stores in your area not already changing over to Walgreen. Where I am our pharmacies, only the prescription departments are already Walgreen, for a month or so. We still have rite aid in the front of the store but they are already changing store lay out etc. that's why I meant by the pharmacy is not accepting my insurance, state insurance in Virginia so hopefully that changes but I'm using CVS pharmacy for now.

Yvonne West says:

Hey Christa, I get a message you can only get 2 $3 off $15 coupons in a 2 week period. Not sure if their changing policy but I'm getting $5 off $25 for January 20 on some transactions but not on all, like usual.

Coupon Diva says:

Could you plz make a video on how to go into incognito mode so I can do the DG surveys? Tytyty🤗

PreciousCouponDiva419 says:

When I went back I used my bonus cash I rolled it on more huggies and other things I needed

Queen J Savings says:

Is it better to buy 4 diapers in 3 trans. and recieve $40 in Bonuscash or buy 2 per trans and only recieve $10 Cats until you hit $50 for the $20 Bonuscash? Hope that made sense…

Pattie Patriquin says:

I was just making up email addresses and i only paid 3$ per 2 packs

Latestdunes says:

I just went to your face book page now I am following


Omg christa almost at 9,000👍👍👍

Sheinna Cruz says:

Also at

Yvonne West says:

From what I have seen and read the points system will just roll over to Walgreen, however I just found out the pharmacy no longer accepts my insurance aahhyyikes, man that sucks! Check your scripts before you run out I didn't and now I'm in a bad situation! Love your videos, keep it up! I'm new at this and I take my phone and headphones and walk around the store looking crazed, lol.

Yvonne West says:

Does this work with only pull ups or you have to get diapers?

Viola Alley says:

you killed the diaper deal…

Tamara Taugner says:

Here in ohio the cat prints at two but cashiers are holding them till you spend $30

maria pereira says:

Can anyone from Massachusetts confirm this deal, because yesterday i bought two huggies my coupons didn’t scan , they didn’t pushed them through and no cat was printed for me. Better luck next time

Jessie Simmons says:

How do i make more than 1 rite reward account

coupon crazed says:

The catalina didn't scan because you can only use 1 coupon per item and the catalina counts as a coupon I guess so you need a filler

coupon crazed says:

I went to 5 different stores to get mine. They were all wiped out except for the 6 I got

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