Hurry Walmart In Store GLITCH No Coupons Needed

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Hurry to your local Walmart and get this awesome glitch on Trident gum. No coupons for this deal and my listing says that this product is only available in store so you will have to go to your Walmart for this one. Links Below

This link should take you to the Trident Gum on Walmart’s website:

If not go to and search: Trident Sugar-Free Spearmint Gum, 14 Piece, 12 Pack

Walmart Coupon Policy is here:

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Latasha White says:

I did the deal and got all I can find which was only 4 cases!

Stephanie Shellenbarger says:

I was waiting to go live today. I hope your ok. Did the time change? Hope your ok.

Susan Abushaban says:

Hi I see dg has two $5 off 25 is that only good on Friday and Saturday if so sad I will be In Miami and won’t get in on the deal

Stacey Smit says:

It does still show up at my local walmart, thanks for the heads up.

The Davenports says:

Thank you so much girl you rock I literally was just able to get two boxes at the Walmart by my house for 96 cent's

Esperanza Balquiedra says:

This is still working as of this evening and price is still showing .96 on Manger refused to honor at 1 store but I was able to do self checkout at another store with no issues. Scans fine.

Wendy Thomas says:

Christa do you use persil? And if so did you get persil coupons

deanna turnipseed says:

It’s still showing .96 cents on Walmart .com I got 6 boxes with yes problems!

Life Wife says:

I literally just came out of Wal-Mart and it's still a go! Also I didn't have to price match the whole box that is in the front by the checkout is scanning .96!!!!! So no need to pm .. I just tagged you on insta..😁😁 thanks for the deal girl!!

Brenda Olivo says:

I went an hour later after your live video and the online price was regular price by then, it was fixed I guess. It's no longer the glitch price.

Hddvdtv says:

Paid for 6 packs at self checkout. Cashier came over and made me return. Then cash return was down at this store. I was told to bring back in an hour and I could get my $s back. I left with gum and receipt. Called Corp and they documented everything including screen shot of the deal. Waiting for Store Manager to call me in a few days.

Kat Lawson says:

Guess I need to get my butt in gear morning Christa


It worked for me Christa i posted the receipt in the group

liz ochoa says:

It didnt work manager said its 97 cents each packet and that they cant give it at that price

Cathern Buddin says:

Thank you for all your help you give

Guadalupe Mortera says:

You are an owesome couponer and helper…thank you for all the hard work that you do to keep us inform!

Daisy Tapia says:

Thanks for sharing… your awesome …

Om Ali says:

I just searched it and it did come up the price doesnt show til we click on it, it says .96 😁😁

Martha Hernandez says:

Omg i went to DG…I SPENT OVER $10.00 and my $2.00 instant savings DID NOT COME OFF LYSOL. CASHIER SAID SHE DID NOT know why it happened. I bought it because i need it for my grandkids classes. I donate to 3 different classes. I have 2 second graders and 1 pre schooler.

Martha Hernandez says:

I will try.. Thx. Christa ….🌺

Om Ali says:

Thats lots of gum for .96 😁

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