JC Penny Black Friday Ad 2016 Possible $500 Free Coupon!

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Nora Esthella says:

I won the 100 one

Nicole Booker says:

Hi Mary..i hope you have a minute to answer this question… i know you're busy getin those AMAZING DEALS ๐Ÿ˜ but what time do they start giving out the coupons…$10/$100/$500? is it 3pm or should i get there by the time they open? how early should i shoot for? i could work magic with a coupon like that๐Ÿ˜

yoselin medina says:

at what time exactly they will start giving away the coupons?

SARITA Watson says:

New subbie thanks for the great ad

SARITA Watson says:

New subbie thanks for the great ad……

Fun ag Films says:

Question. To buy online is it on Friday as well or only cybermonday? Could u do a video on cyber deals? Thank u so much!

Ruby Rosado says:

the thong and ornament.. lol

Delma Church says:

Could you review the Boscovs ad and tell us what u think? I was considering the mini fireplace heater but don't know I'd it's the best deal possible.

James Murphy says:

can u explain the 500 coupon a little more pleAse

Marsha caughill says:

Thanks mary

Everyday Rita says:

Mary , please do a video on your game plan for Black Friday. What stores your going to in what order.. love all these videos your doing I'm getting super excited!

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