Kids in the Hall S03E09 Street Singers

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Works well as a wedding toast: “Here’s to Steve and Sara”


Patrick Doring says:

"Bring it in Cloris!" "Wheel it in Leachman!"

sumrush says:

Its perfect

louis tournas says:

There is another one where kevin is also with them. He says "You don't broil BAs, you bake them.".

These guys have bachelor degrees but want a job.

Caitlin Brooks says:

Ho de doe ten doe ten day. Ho de doe ten day oh. Ho de doe ten doe ten day. Fattening up our tapeworms.

AsapNicky Bars says:

Scott looks like he is wearing that special effects suit. It makes him look like a robot in a different sketch.

Leonardo Gomez-Garcia says:

"I wonder what the poor people are doing" haha

RobLikesToPoundBeers says:

To this day i still find my self humming this….:)!

Kelly Sexton says:

How this only has 2100 views is beyond me. This is pure genius

Izio Shaba says:

90's hit music

Joe Munsinger says:

Heinz and Kraft Foods merged today.

Micheal Janusek says:

one of my teachers family members actually had the worlds longest tape worm

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