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Hi Friends, So the Mega Event is back at Kroger. It’s Buy 5 Save 5 mix & match. There are so many things to choose from. Lots of stores hardly have anything but I was lucky enough to go Wednesday the day the sale started and then again today and I lucked out with everything that I wanted. I hope you enjoy this video and hopefully you are able to get some of these awesome deals. xoxo~Toni


Ray James says:

i don't care what it is you buy nor how many you buy. i want to see SOMEONE to show how you save big bucks. do any of these people show us how to save big bucks for food? no! i've been watching a lot of videos of women and all they seem to talk about is how much of something they purchased but not really showing me how to save big bucks. i would love to shop, pay $1 for a cart load and then teach others who need to know this too. there's gotta be someone who can fulfill this need!

Lori Dimas says:

Exactly how does couponing at kroger work I never shopped at there before?

L Neg says:

in California Kroger is actually Food 4Less

Laura Becerril says:

Where can I find the coupon for the rice? Thanks xoxo

Rebekah J. says:

where do you find the u by kotex coupons??? I do not get them in my local newspaper

April Snopkowski says:

I love the mega event, I just wish they had coupons for produce and meat.

Lisa Darling says:

ok what about overage like Colgate I have a $2 off and its 1.99 do I get something else or let it add up? Thx u

D Breezy says:

I know of 3 affiliates.
quick stop
jay c
fred meyers

imes cagadas says:

I google kroger and it shows in my area california "Quick Stop" I hope they have mega event

Mindy Jacobs says:

Dillons is a Kroger store. Worked at one for 6 years. love Kroger

maybeeme says:

I like watching your videos so I subscribed. Gonna check out some of your older videos. Thanks for Sharing 🙂

tracie sauceman says:

hey toni great video wanted to know if you got coupons ij sent you?also wanted to ask if you guys are being affected by the rain

melanie silas says:

i wish that i could find a krogers here in tampa fla. i would go crazy. my first coupon haul is when my oldest was about 7 or 8 yrs old. we had a Kash n Karry i had a $300 grocery and only spent $30. you and netta made me happy to start couponig again. my 2 sisters from another mister. love you from the galaxy and beyond.

angela hicks says:

where did you find the $2/1 u by kotex coupon

AnonyMissVegan 4Animals says:

so… I'm Vegan and only use vegan coupons that being said I have a ton of non-Vegan coupons if anyone would like to trade. I don't use products tested on animals either so I also have tons of soap and shampoo coupons…

Yolanda Montano says:

Hey hun Thank you for these wonderful video even though we dont have none of them stores I still enjoy watching your deals. I have to stick with cvs and price match at walmart. Its not all that bad but will do.😉😀😀😀

Christy Fruge says:

How I find out what I have around me?

Ollie Brown says:

awesome tfs.

buttrpecan9 says:

You actually have before 2am to load the Friday download to your Kroger card. I have tested it out cause I work night shift and I have forgot about downloading a few items and have loaded it to my card at 130 am. Also I have missed out on downloads cause I've waited after 2am.

Craftin with Tren says:

love your videos Toni, u are a blessing, now off to store i go. thx so much

Vero Zuniga says:

Items here in the Orange County, Ca area, are about a $1 more expensive 😩 and they were out of most items I was looking for 😞 I will keep checking though. This was at Ralph's

Michelle Carr says:

U did GOOD!

Cely san says:

my store food for less didn't have the mega event i was so upset I'm in San Diego CA..

MaryAnn Figler says:

Thank you soo much for all you do, May you always be Blessed beyond measure ❤I don't know how to enter your give aways?can you let me know how?Thank you sweetie!

abby bart says:

Hi Toni thanks for sharing. Do you have any garnier face care coupons, or neutragena coupons that you are willing to share. I sent you an email a few days ago, but I'm not sure if you received it

silvia mendez says:

I hope it is the same here I have been to ralphs but it's a whole different price !:(I'll go check it out today

Shardonae Moses says:

Yess I was waiting for this vid 😩 I'm a cashier at Kroger so I practically live at my store lol
The first day of the sale, the Gain detergent 50 fl oz was almost gone. So I took one and hid it in our supply closet 😂 I always look forward to your videos Toni, keep them going!

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