Kroger Grocery Haul | August 2020 | Digital Coupon Deals!

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About Me:
I’m married to the love of my life and we recently welcomed our first baby. Every day is an adventure in life AND food!

I’m always on the hunt for good BBQ and a great bargain. I enjoy cooking, baking, trying new recipes, taste tests, and meal planning. I also enjoy grocery shopping and trying out new products, so you’ll see a lot of grocery hauls.

Tune in for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday (with occasional bonus videos on Monday)!

Tuesday= What’s for Dinner?
Thursday= Recipes, Taste Tests, or Grocery Hauls

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Living Classy says:

Great haul! You have some great items.

TaShonda Renae says:

It is smart to go ahead and stock your pantry now. I believe its going to get bad again as well. My Kroger is finally fully stocked. Thanks for sharing your haul!

The Gourmet Grandad says:

Love this video thank you so much 😋

Nolla's Recipes says:

Hi foodmanetary adventure in food! so I had to sub you!! because I love your videos and your channel! keep up the good work your doing an awesome job! don't give up 🙂 I'm learning something new everyday! thanks for sharing your cooking talents! I look forward to see more of your recipes in the future! dont let anyone keep u from striving keep going at your channel and your goals! U might like my latest video on my channel at nolla's recipes! stay connected and god bless!

Lidia’s family life says:

Great haul! That Texas shapes pasta is so cute!


Hi. Great haul. I always say I am going to get a food saver and never get around to it. Have fun with it🙂. Trying different foods for baby is so fun. I'm literally counting down to when my sun turns 6 months for solids. He is showing interest right now. Just a couple more weeks 😁. I don't like Aldi's pie crust either. Have an awesome weekend yall!! Much Peace and love 🤗

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Have a great week nice haul

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

I so love and miss Kroger, if Kroger watching open one in brown county please, corn yum,great deal on apple juice and grapes, I love egg roll in a bowl, scoops yum,I love frozen peppers and onions very handy,m and m candy bars yum looks amazing,good deal on chicken,yummy ribs,wings I love wings, good deal on pasta🤠

Scott Rogue says:

I have been doing the same thing, stocking up before the Fall while everything is available. I believe the chaos will ensue once again 😞 Great haul! 👍

Kathy Conger says:

Hi Andrea, great buys for $77! It looked like alot. You are smart in trying to anticipate your family needs & stocking up now. Even things like making Harrison’s baby food. Very smart thinking! Then you can control what goes in it. You can freeze it to have it as a back up or need. When my kids were little that’s what I did too. My son wasn’t big on baby food, he wanted table food! But my daughter loved it! Your food saver is a great idea too. I think once the flu season hits, people are going to panic again & start hoarding things thinking it’s “the virus”!? We have chosen to homeschool Jase this yr😬! Our school district didn’t give us an option, in person only! So we are gonna homeschool. So that means more stocking up! More snacks, more everything! 🤦‍♀️ So bring on the ideas friend!😉 Have a great day Andrea!😊💜

Mahogany Gordon says:

Great buys Andrea, yes continue to stock up on your meats and frozen vegetables.Take care and God bless

sally skellington says:

I have had so many issues with corn this season! None of it even at a local store that always has the best produce not any of it looked any good and they are super tiny too! Idk if they are trying to rush and get it in the store or just a bad season…I should stock up on frozen vegetables and I need to restock my deep freezer….I can't believe Harrison is already 7 months old!! Time has really flown by! My goodness…

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