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(Sorry I had to film buy myself) YIKES!!! Hi Friends, This is my Kroger shopping trip from Saturday morning 3/5/16. I bought majority food items to show you how to shop with coupons when it’s Mega Event deals. This deal is Buy 5 Save 5. Thanks for watching xoxo~Toni
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Toni Hovatter says:

This is day #2 of my starting to coupon. Super excited to see how this will go! And I love the kroger's near my house; they always have great sales! Thx so much for the information you shared!

Lisa Darling says:

Oh i want to thx u so much for breaking down the digital and manufacture coupon thing. Cause i go to dollar general and dont explain. Thx u so much for all ur videos 🙂

lilmama says:

Do you print your coupon off on a certain day? Do you know of top of your head what stores other than Walmart take competitor coupons?

lilmama says:

Awesome!!! Toni you did that! So do you check your add and get your coupons ready before heading to store and that way you already know what you're gonna get? When do you view your ads and get your coupons ready? On Sunday?

Dani Jackson says:

tfs your awesome really appreciate you for all you do be blessed

Lori Knittle says:

hi thank you so much I wish I had a Kroger grocery store

latrece81 says:

Do they double at Kroger?

Samantha Mixon says:

Its ok to have snacky stuff that isnt the best at times..I have 4 kids ages 11-2 and we try to do healthy but sometimes its a good treat! Don't worry what others think!

April Snopkowski says:

I love English muffins too!

April Snopkowski says:

I must know what kinda of camera is that? I'd like to get me one so I Take videos of my kids….

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

I love Kroger! We have Dillons which is part of Kroger. My suave was $0.99 on mega but I used the $0.50/1 qs so $0.49 each still not bad. I stock up on the lunchables for my kiddos when they're on sale.

Jessica Maberry says:

I had fun at Kroger this week. Got all my non food items for free. Total savings of 44% which was $94 for me. They are keeping alot of the pick 5s on for this week too. lov ya Toni

coupon gal says:

Hope all is well heard weather is nasty down their but it will be heading to us soon but it is nice now. Glad the kiddos got snacks momma don't got get out in the storms lol.. Yall be safe..

The Kneady Homemaker says:

Do you use Ibotta? There's rebates for the juice boxes.

OurLittleSecretYT says:

Would love to see more food couponing videos 🙂 eventhough I don't have a Kroger lol


UMMMM did u say chessman cookies in banana pudding…….. video pleaseeeeee

nina says:

Okay thank you

Carmen Perez says:

are you allowed to use more than 2 printed coupons in one transaction?

Quanyin everyday says:

does Kroger still double coupon?

tammy meek says:

I keep an envelope with me and make tic marks on it every time I put a ms item in my cart and then I put the coupon to go with it in the envelope – that way my count is already accurate.

Yency Marinero says:

New to your channel (:

Leighann Millan says:

i sent the coupons out yesterday

Ana v says:

Thank you for this Krogers video!!! If you go back please make another video.

LadyZodiac76 says:

Hey Toni I used to coupon at Kroger when I first started couponing (6 years ago) but I haven't in a long while. Since you have been talking about couponing at Kroger I'm thinking about doing it again. But can you explain this line from their coupon policy bcuz I'm confused. Thx "Coupons will be limited to no more than five (5) paper manufacturer coupons for the like products, each coupon value considered one (1) coupon in the same transaction."

Gwendolyn Brown says:

Toni on the Minute Maid there's an Ibotta rebate as well. Also a Saving Star rebate on one of the Suave body wash making one of them free! I did do a few deals at Kroger the other day and I plan on going back before the mega event ends. TFS as always!

Loverne Cornish says:

😍 I enjoyed this Kroger couponing videos.😍

Deborah Johnson says:

Lots of kid goodies. No so nutritious, but kid worthy for busy families. I am sure you sprinkle homemade meals into the mix. Lol. Thanks for sharing. I always thought you had to buy 5 of the same. Going tomorrow.

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