Kroger | Mega Event – Buy 5, Save $5 | FREE Items 🙌🏽 – No Coupons Needed! Move Quick!

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In this vlog, we are shopping closeouts on the new Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event. Move Quick on these deals – closeouts vary by store and not re-stocked once sold out.

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FamilyFunby8 says:

Omg New family and subbie buddies. I can't wait to move and be able to learn and start couponing and I here there will be a Kroger near by❣

XxWolfiechuXx 252 says:

Star, thank you, thank you! Please do more Kroger hauls, we have Kroger’s in our area and your haul on 2/19/20 really educated me about Kroger! Thank you, Sherrill Johnson – beginner

Cristina Perez says:

Hello just recently found your channel!! I have a question, with the online coupons can you use the same coupon for multiple items? Thanks for all the great info, learning a bunch!!!

savingwithvetta says:

I freaking miss Smiths/Kroger. Uuuggg. Those deals though!!

Jennifer Sorto says:

Wow!!! This is amazing! New couponer here🙋🏻‍♀️ I need to understand how the “Buy 5, $5.00” works. I tried doing it, I bought 5 participating items but I must have done something wrong that it didn’t work 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 Your videos are helping me out to learn my mistakes and save my family fanicially!

Shala Long says:

Thank u soooooooo much! I cleaned up at two stores! Went to three, one was priced higher than the other. The third wasn’t that great, but I am so happy!

Shala Long says:

U hit the jackpot!

Creations by Tam says:

I was so upset….I kept noticing all the markdowns were gone. Found out from a mgr the store went ahead and pulled them off the shelf and threw out since they had not all sold. Makes me cringe…sad!

Precious Owusu says:

Great haul you can't beat what you purchased for the price.

Linda Telles says:

Star, are you able to use all the coupons up to 5 times or just the ones that indicate you can use up to 5 times?

Karin Bara says:

How do you get the coupon inserts early?
Thank you for all of your great content. You are an inspiration!

Stephanie Williams says:

Way to go. So do we just scan everything first then put our number in

Ash&Eric plus4more says:

My husband does the Krogering, but I'm going with him today to see what I can find!!

LORI G says:

I'm super jealous! I'm in NJ and we dont have kroger out here! I'm going to try to google the closest one, maybe NY or PA. You got amazing deals! Love your videos!

Serious Sears says:

🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️does anyone know if Krogers affiliates, like foodsco and food4less have the same sale, buy 5, save 5? I dont normally shop there and the last time I went in i was SO LOST! 🤣


Everything at my store was reg price 😭😭😭

Erika Kirby says:

Thank you star!! I was able to get 5 Garnier Fructis shampoo for $3.02 I was short one coupon of getting ten bottles of shampoo free!!!! You need five of the $4 Off 2 Garnier fruit coupon in Sunday's insert. I was one coupon short but 5 bottles of shampoo for three bucks can't complain. I love watching your channel and the deals you do keep it up Star and God bless

Angel Liggins says:

Did the aveeno today. Omg. I love you star. My son NEED these products so thank you.

Brittany Duncan says:

Just went to Kroger and got great deals!
BTW, gadnier hair care is on sale for $1.99 in the $5 deal. We have coupons for $4 off two making them free!

Teffy Poki says:

Hi ❤ when is this event over?

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

great video and information thanks Felicia Dependable Angel Services on YouTube

Megan McFerson says:

Queen of Savings, I wish in the UK we could do this :')

Michelle Davis says:

everyone clearancing that st ives makes me nervous. I love that stuff I don't want it discontinued

keep the faith says:

Like… .4 cent per item😳😳

milysarai07 says:

Crest toothpaste freee!! With the 4 off 2 coupon

Sass says:

Oh, I am on the way to my Kroger to get these deals,,, thank you!

Brittany Duncan says:

Wow. Just wow.
Very happy you got such a great deal!!

Penny Pizza33 says:

star you are amazing i love watching you work you coupon magic i have a question for you are you going to give away the mens axe and deogernate? i was just curious

Nadjia Woods says:

Great haul wish they had a Kroger in NY

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