Living On A Low Income (Saving On Groceries WITHOUT Coupons)

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Living On A Low Income (Saving Money On Groceries WITHOUT Coupons)


Yesenia Contreras says:

That's crazy, ….but such a great tip. Thanks for the advice!

Brenda Drew says:

Good tips but won't buy many high processed canned foods like veggies except for stewed tomatoes. Homemade soups are actually cheaper than many canned soups, btw! Ditto for homemade applesauce which really isn't that hard to make. Slow cookers are also great and cost effective!

steve b says:

Look on the Flipp app. Get ALL local stores' ads online, FREE.

rbeck3200tb40 says:

Another way to save money on food is to go into a fast food place and get alot of their free packets of sugar, salt ,pepper, napkins, straws, ketchup, mustard, etc.

Deeee001980 says:


Jada Johnson says:

Thank you! I'll be renting my first apartment and have been very scared about budgeting. Thank you!

Yvette K says:

wow thank you miss lady

Kevin Miller says:

Another awesome video! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad I subscribed.

Nick Miller says:

Doesn't the meat get freezer burnt after a few months or so?

Teresa Rhodes says:

Thank you for some great ideas, especially rain check use and reminding me to use my freezer paper.

Marisela Harris says:

How long do you freeze your meat for? I'm always afraid to stock up too much on meat bc I'm always afraid it will go bad

ttmalca m says:


Maria Chat says:

You can't do that in the UK 🇬🇧 You can buy only "While Stocks Last," no rain cheque, I had to Google to find out what a rain cheque is 🙂

Brooklyn's Frugal Pantry says:

We love making beef jerky. I can never find london broil cheaper than 5.99/lb here. 🙁 You're lucky you find it so cheap. Our chicken breasts run about $1.99/lb. I only use my Food Saver bags for steaks and homemade burgers patties because I stock up during sales for the deep freezer.

Kathy Leighton says:

So that explains why you can do it fairly cheaply. You are basically just feeding yourself…..not a whole family. Plus, you have a freezer which not everyone has room for or can afford. Not to mention you must have a lot of room to store many cans of food and bulk purchases. Nice that you can do it but it's not going to work for everyone.

Ruth says:

You've sincerely saved my life…after having an expendable income & husband for 30 years my finances were very good (& I lived well) I'm now divorced & on a fixed income…so your videos have helped me if no one else…I appreciate your time for making them; for sharing your wisdom & your truly practical common sense way of saving…btw my car is 11 years old & everyone thinks it's new ( my father was a mechanic, so I picked up a few things he taught me)…but so jealous of you & your camry…all my best to now my #1 YouTuber…I thank you♡

Jessica Eaton says:

its silly but i love when you run off camera to get stuff. makes me laugh every time

lt34102 says:

In the industry, they're called "Loss Leaders"…they're a hook to get you into the store.

Vacuum sealer bags can be washed and reused. You can find the machines on sale, especially at the holidays or used at thrift stores.

Groupon offers a special on Sam's membership every year before Christmas. This past year, it was $25.00, reduced from $45.00. You may also shop at Costco if you know someone who is a member and ask them to purchase you a gift card. It's all you need to enter and shop. Prices at these clubs are DEFINITELY lower than at grocery stores.

Sounds like somebody's got a little Class Envy.

chieflittlehorse says:

I bought at Ralphs some packs of chicken at a low price. We then had a black out. I tried to keep the chicken cold but after 5 hours, I decided to just boil the whole packs until the electricity came back on. I threw my eggs away though. Just one of those things that life throws at you.

Belkys C. Hernandez Mejias says:

Thank you for sharing! And subscribed! I have good expectations on this channel.

I don't receive the adds in my mailbox, but I have the option of reading them from apps or online. I use one of those that have several store adds. So, no paper! If there's is any printed coupon I'm interested in from an add, which I can see in the apps, I just grab the add at the store's door when I go shopping.

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