Love Coupons V-Day/DIY(low budget)

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I know there`s like thousand of videos like this but this is different
(i think)

some ideas for your coupons
Spend a whole day in bed
Read a book together
Color a coloring book together
Listen to a podcast together
Listen to each other’s favorite songs
Play cards together
Play video games together
Make something together
Decorate the home together
Spend an evening planning for your future together
Pretend it’s our first date
A whole evening of just cuddling
Write a romantic letter or poem
Write down 10 things I love about you
Write a song about you
Sing a romantic song to you
Give a compliment each day for a week
One knock-me-off-my-feet kiss


Ruzzy_ 03 says:

Wow 😂😂 this is great👍

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