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Edited to add here is the link to the downloaded materials. I received so many emails almost a full year later from people that were not on my list at the time I sent these out. So I am inserting here just for you


Flipping houses and real estate at In this video, I will share with you how I make cash offers to property owners when I’m wholesaling real estate. If you want to get my personal templates, make sure to sign up on my website so you can get them in your email on Thursday, August 27th.

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Do you provide one on one mentoring? Unfortunately, not at this time. However post your questions on the channel and I will answer. I will also add them in my list of topics to discuss when creating videos.

I’ve read real estate investing books and now I don’t know where to start?
I recommend completing Steph’s Davis Quick Flip Ninja program to get started. She walks you through the process step-by-step and also provides the contracts you need to get started. The price she charges can’t be beat. You can get it here

Once I find a deal how do I find cash buyers?
Visit your local Real Estate Investing Association. You can usually find cash buyers at the meetings. You can find your local REIA here

If you prefer to find cash buyers online I recommend purchasing Steph Davis Cash Buyer Ninja. You can get it here

How do you find real estate leads?
I mostly cold call property owners, mail postcards and generate leads through my website.
Resources I Use:
Cash Buyer Ninja:
Carrot Websites:
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Karen Greenlee says:

I am new to this business. I want to do my first deal with you. How will I contact you? here is my insurance email: Thanks, I've enjoyed your instuctional videos

T Odomes says:

She talking so fast 💨 she graspin for air I can hear it 😅salute

Maryland Real Estate Review says:

Hello Neva, thank you for sharing such helpful information with us. I'm just getting started in the real estate wholesaling business in the Maryland area, and would like to ask if you would refer a good title company for investor deals in or near Maryland. Thanks in advance.

Derek Bailey says:

Great videos Neva! As far as the contract is concerned how is it constructed? Is it something from a template or something generic you create or something from an attorney? Thanks. Love your videos.

Loose Bills says:

do you make offers to the seller in person after you have visited the property or do you email all of them?

javon nelson says:

Hi my name is Javon I'm in Chicago I work and motivated to earn my own income what's your email address I'm interested in wholesale but I have little exp.

val coleman says:

Hi Neva
I would like your templates. Going to your page and dowm load them.

Tina Ferrier says:

I admire give you always give professional products. a lot if while sell gurus just have a folder they found some where, some paper and a long worded contract they found online. they think it doesn't matter because the seller is to desperate to notice. Its one if the ways wholesalers get a bad name. I want to run my business more like you do. How can someone not take you seriously when a professional presentation. please let me know when you decide to provide samples of your paper work. its great to learn from someone who takes this rile seriously.

Nicole Ogunleye says:

Can you share the title or where to find the article you include in your packet about selling to private real estate investors?

Nicole Ogunleye says:

Also, are you always mailing you offers/contracts? or do you ever fax/email when time is important to beat out other wholesaler competition, for example

Nicole Ogunleye says:

Hi Neva!! Why do you not choose to make cash offers over the phone? Do you discuss what offer price you will give the seller before you send them the contract, or is the first time they see or hear of an offer number when they get your offer packet?

Matthew Gilliard says:

Very well received.. I am Brand New to Georgia. I am very interested in getting into the Real Estate field as an Wholesaler. I would like to know,  a person that has no real estate, where would you recommend they start from ?

iayyam says:

Good job sis

DaNia A says:

Hello Neva! I love watching your videos as I am just getting started with wholesaling out here in LA. Would you be able to email me the templates that you discussed in this video? I'm currently on your email list but at the time this video was made I was not. Thanks!

Julian says:

Hello Neva, thank you for the information. I love that fact that you get straight to the point. Once again thank you.

etaylor38 says:

You're Awesome! Just subscribed.


Hey your vids are awesome. My uncle has a commercial prop that im going to take use of an office.. What should i make sure to have in my office, im looking to begin virtual marketing.. So computer, printer/scanner & a fax machine to ?

Table for six please Tv says:

I've been sitting in the corner of my house charging my iPad for the past hour watching your videos ! 💃🏽

Jide A says:

Hey Neva, Keep doing what youre doing. Ive enjoyed your videos and your perspective on building a good real estate business. I would like to have a strategy session with you if thats possible, it would take 10 min of your time, email me if this is possible

ARYEliB says:

Hey Neva this is one of your biggest fans!! I have a question, what do you think about probate real estate investing?

ARYEliB says:

Literally watching every one of your videos

A. Morrell says:

Greetings Mrs Neva How to you know what state and who to mail your postcards to.

Brandi Lucas says:

Thanks Neva for all your great tips. You are really helping understand the process of wholesaling and its keeping me motivated.

Mary McDonough says:

Hi Neva, I've been watching your videos and want to thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom. You have a very nice way about you and I am so happy to hear about your journey into this business. Your presentations are very easy to watch and learn from. Sending good vibes and wishes for continued success!

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