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Coupon Kumar is always crazy about coupons. The poor chap didn’t know that not everyone accepts coupons, and if he gets caught the consequences are not what he expects.
But then he stumbles upon CouponDunia and discovers a world where he can find coupons for more than 1800 online shopping sites and 3000 restaurants across India!

Come, join Coupon Kumar and millions of others who use CouponDunia every day to get FREE coupons for online shopping and eating out.

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Oskar Mora says:

What the fuck is this?

Laura Leal says:

I saw this, from Mexico, in videos from Mexico and also in Spanish… Why the fuck does this appears on everything even with my nationality on Youtube?

Jorge Toragui says:

Ya dejen de joder que su puto anuncio de cupones!!!

طارق says:

وش جاب ذا الاغلان للسغوديه

Jorginho Empresta a 12 ™ says:

Que que eu to fazendo aqui ? Que viajem é essa vey ?

Pankaj Jha says:

Thank you so much all for viewing my ad and making it so hit…..more than 7 Lakhs views!! Love


funniest ad 🙂
both actor and narrator are zabardasst

Subhajit Mukherjee says:

Your Expressions are too good. Will be happy to see more of your work. I am into AD Making. Please email me your details.   

Pankaj Jha says:

Thank you all for liking my ad….And thank you for all the appreciations! It means a lot for me. Lots of love and light!

Shubham Singh says:

Nice……..very good pankaj bhai……..

Mayank Gupta says:

Nice pankaj. 🙂

Rajesh N says:

That's the good ad . Now visit for more deals and discounts.

Kaleem Shariff says:

Say Bye to the Old method of checking Deals or Discounts… Just Get Coupondunia app and Enjoy Online Shopping…
Get It

Ankita Tandon says:

i love the CouponDunia app… It has saved me a ton to money so far! always use it when im shopping online or eating out !!! Love the funny ad as well 😀

Nikunj Agarwal says:

Too good! :). Reminds me of myself, and my friends would totally agree on that! :P.

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