Mom Feeds Family On $4 Dollars a Week

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Kathy Spencer of Massachusetts, shares cost cutting tips on how to shop for free. She feeds her family of six on $4 dollars a month. Please visit for more info on “How to shop for free.”


maria contreras says:

This is a good method for broke college kids

frank0775a says:

She is Not one of those cheapskate bitches

codgamefreak602 says:

I want to tit fuck both of them

Rexilation says:

That’s dope

Ibby Khan says:

Jesus …. my mom spends like 350$ at Walmart and after 2 days I’m like “There’s no food in the house”

macaroni and weed says:

As a cashier I feel like crying

Chris's Thrilling Video Logs says:

Life: mastered.

Malak Hashim says:

Nooooo 1 cent?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Hey she should give this to the homeless greedy😩😅

Malak Hashim says:

5 cents?!?!?!

Sabrina Morse says:


Chris Dunne says:

I want to marry you lol

Chris Dunne says:

Go go Kathy whoop! whoop!

Chris Dunne says:

Clever woman good girl keep it up

Batgirls Cave says:

#1 Super mom

Vedik says:

How to legally rob a store ._.

Morgana Kurusu says:

That's amazing

Lexx C. says:

you dont wanna be behind her at the register

omar46049 says:

When ever I see a coupon it says can't be combined with another coupon

YoMecanica says:

Wow. I find this coupons culture of the U.S.A. fascinating.

ghettomex92 says:

I hate when people say Q pon instead of coupon for some reason it drives me nuts

miguel batista says:

Lol did she even pay that one cent??

Jason says:

How much of that food expires?

Inferno says:

0:16 bruh who turned on their ps4

Jon cool says:

She’s smart

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