My coupon book! (my dusty little secret weapon)

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I’ve been couponing for forever and a day! I remember cutting coupons for my parents waaaay back in the day…….of course they never used them. Lol

I get tons of coupons all the time but, like a lazy beast, I haven’t been cutting them nor using them. Thanks to a few fellow YouTubers for waking up the coupon beast in me…..again!

I used to swap coupons via mail with another YouTube couponer but we just stopped and haven’t spoken since…..soooo yeah. Ready and willing to swap again!


RoseaaMarie says:

were do you get them from

natural381 says:

i want to learn how to do that i need to save money times are hard

Erin Adkins says:

I am a couponer too!!! I have my binder sorted by alphabet and the coupons go in by brand name. I love using them..My last shopping trip I got a $24 gift card back on 120 dollars worth of groceries…They paid me to take it outta the store 🙂

Abi Gail says:

@myabigail100 thank u so much ….i hope u ll check…luv ur videos

HealingTheKasha1985 says:

I need to organize my coupons! I love couponing!!!

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@LuvnDaNaturalMe You'd be surprised just how many couponers there are out there! You should do it too!

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@AkeemJamal90 That's some serious work / planning but it is soooo worth it!

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@puppymilkshake Thanks a bunch! It can be overwhelming sometimes but when you tackle it in small pieces it gets better. Ex. cut coupons one day, sort another day, put 'em in your book another day……etc.

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@mrsdoubtfire33 I have a bunch of mvp / store discount cards too. You have to make sure it's a real deal though bc most times you'll a buy one get one free thing but what they've done is doubled the price of the one you buy so that it seems like you're getting one for free.

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@youreadyhoney LOL That's happened to me before too!

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@thecreativelady LOL I used to be the same way. Sometimes I just leave the book in the car and other times I just carry a mini coupon book in my purse.

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@melgaye0 Wow! You have an awesome hubby!

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@JamCanGurl Me too! I have mixed feelings about it though. There are some things that they (the extreme couponers themselves) get away with that some of us regular couponers would never be able to get away with.

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@myabigail100 Thanks hun! I made another coupon vid about an hour ago but I'm not gonna post it till later this week……well, tomorrow ;op I will definitely check our your channel. Free is good!!! :o)

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@chocara1 When it some to couponing, its so much better and less overwhelming when you're organized. You have to take it one step at a time and you'll be on your way :o)

Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

@DarkNatural75 Guuuurl I know all about tough. I've been looking for a job for a few months now :o/ Hang in there girlie. We'll pull out of it. How bout I make more coupon vids too?

Akeem Jamal says:

Lmao, you should go on Extreme Couponing !


I have never couponed but it seems like the way to go 🙂 I'm always using the mvp cards at my grocery stores or catching them on sale day. The next time I get a coupon booklet Ima try & put it to use 🙂

youreadyhoney says:

Have to do this, I always put coupons in my purse and forget to use them then when I do remember they outta date smh!

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