My Coupon Organizer

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I bought both of these organizers from the Dollar Tree, the blue one recently and the black one a while ago.


Cindy Tyler says:

I searched all dollar trees today for the black one, no luck

Vibha Singh says:

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D_is_for_ Duck says:

You are so organized!

Couponing4ever says:

yes boo boo get your couponing on!! tfs!

Couponing4ever says:

who taught u how to coupon? lmao

Morena Azucar says:

I coupled when I lived in Columbia SC and girl I had notebooks of coupons for real two notebooks I'm going to start back one day. Just have so much going on now. Enjoy saving your money. Thank you for sharing.


love it, tfs 🙂 XO from Texas

LaJoyOfLife says:

Nice! 💜 💙

Purposeful Pursuits says:

I really need to coupon more hardcore… Can't beat a good deal. The dollar tree has everything you could ever need lol love dollar tree

big dude says:

thumb up tfs

Tiyan Campbell says:

I need to start couponing

Andrea's Elegant Touch says:

I can't deal with the large binders either. lol

Stephanie Johnson says:

Nice, I need to get into couponing. Tfs Have a great night. Love ya!

Gina Jones says:

I will have to get me some of those.

slimchelle says:

they are two cute organizers my sister has the big ones for important papers and etc

Flory Sparks says:

I have one in pink!! tfs!!

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