Naruto Online : I Got Kushina For 1.5k Coupons :’D

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jaghbeer abood says:

lol i'm also got her by 1500 too but that was hard to do this :'D

Dain says:

noice team m8 ^^prety random tbh 😛

Falcor says:

yeah same 1.5k coupons but i was aiming for itachi anbu frags lol

Deidara Safadinha! says:

e-dub, nice choose of music

Sasuke Uchiha says:

I got her for 1 coupon

Clark Pogi08 says:

I only got her for just 150 coupons

Clark Pogi08 says:

I got for just 150 coupons

Farhan Khurram says:

i got her 50

Erick Chinchilla says:

i spend 2000 coupons,i didnt get her 🙁

Mina Lam says:

Congrats man! I got her for 1.5k coupons too along with some Sasuke Susanoo frags as well! xD

Ionut Cernuta says:

i got her for 100 coupons,two draws, instead of hiruzen sarutobi what other ninja do u recommend?

Edie goodluck says:

I just got she for 198 coupon dude

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