New Bunker Alfa Lobby Floor & Coupons | Update 1.5.6 | Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Time for another Last Day on Earth Live Stream! The new update 1.5.6 has arrived!
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Music Used:
Amadeus – Future World

Credit to Carl Burton for the Streamlabs backgrounds.


Stormcrown says:

I summarize everything regarding coupons in the following video:

InfrAtary says:

Does anyone knows how to open the door at 22:49?

Nyu says:

How do you repair the Elevator in the lobby?

Janak Soni says:

how to open that stuck door on floor 1 in bunker alfa?

Mark Errera says:

My brother has this game hacked he has everything lol.

Cherdtranik says:

How come the lobby elevator doesn't open for me it says I need to repair it how do I do that

Malik Musa says:

Have anyone know how To get All heavy weapon without buying item..hmm..many times i tried hack To get Full coin but still can't..i really like this game but really hard To fight zombie inside alfa bunker especialy big fat zombie level 500 huhu last time i had only 1 glock gun and big hammer..really hard to settel level 3 without any stronger armor..

Daniel Tesař says:

hello good video

Marcus Slayer tube Quinto says:

What do you do with coupons

Moshpit Plays says:

Storm i havent unlocked floor 2 and 3 yet The elevator needs power from the lobby what the actual fok do i do?

Tsp's World says:

How do i get chopper parts ? I thought i could get those in alpha bunker but damn.. anyways how do i complete my chopper ?

PC/Mobile Game says:

This vid help me a lot

Patrik Kupres says:

What is the name of the song on 42:00?

Lucky_ me says:

I think your a hacker… Cause that box were u stored your guns in haven't come out yet

Kira Alexander Eternity says:

i'm stuck at lobby, how can i go to next floor, guide please

Starbuck says:

I'm pretty sure your minigun overheated. Notice the barrel got really red after a while? You may need to shoot in bursts to ensure it doesn't overheat. Great vid btw. New subscriber here.

Elver Galarga says:

Hola perros

Elver Galarga says:


Elver Galarga says:


sisi lafami says:

I have finished all floor on this bunker….. and i won 0 piece of chopper…. how can i get it ?!

Kronizh Alvaira says:

Where did you get those coins?

ariesace02 S says:

cant say rooms are not worth when the loot changes now. some people have been getting really good stuff out of this rooms.

toby gillette says:

I have never found any


Im playing on nox player, latest update for the game and nox, and i cant open the elevator in bunker a, i can go to the lobby, but not in the 2nd or 3rd floor. It says i need more power or something, any help?

toby gillette says:

How did you get so many guns ?

Anime Madjid says:

The trach have coupon inside m8 drop it in the floor and use it


Before the update i died in bunker, i had like 2 rifles 2 guns 4 stacks of food and 1 stack of med kits, and then update came out andi didnt have the time to take my stuff back and the bunker reset

Magni says:

can glocks trigger zombies too much?

ออม เต๋อ says:

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you Dog


fucking hell your boring

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