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Grab all these great printable coupons below:

$7/2 Schick coupon:

$3/1 Schick coupon:

$3/1 Schick Hydro coupon:

$1/1 CoverGirl coupon:

$3/1 CoverGirl Peacock Mascara coupon:

$2/1 Aleve PM coupon:

$3/1 Gillette Razor coupon:

$3/1 Adult Robatussin coupon:

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Heidi Talley says:

Great coupons for razors 😊

Edith Forsyth says:

Thank you ! Some great coupons…

Shanna Banana says:

Thanks for the great deals. I'm curious if any of your subscribers were able to do the Colgate deal successfully? If so, can they please share which toothpaste they bought? The only ones tagged 2/$8 at my store did not match the $6 digital. I know the point is moot now that the digital coupon has expired, but I spent 45 minutes in the store trying to figure it out to no avail. Just curious if it worked for anyone.

Emily Ward says:

Thank You! I printed mine and got make up coupons also that did not come in my Red plum! Also got amazing redox coupons so plotting my shopping trip after watching your other Videos!:) Emily p.s. I could never get up that early lol

Nally A says:

Anyone have problems printing from today? After I click print, the sheet that generates to print appears blank on screen and no coupons appear.

Thelma Espinel says:

Thank you for your help, and for helping us save money 😊👍🏻

Robin Summers says:

Great coupons!! Thank you!

toni mcguire says:

Thank you so much for your help!

Felecia McMillan says:

Love listening to you.. You ave helped me a great deal.

April Hernandez says:

Good morning… gotta get those coupons..

Amber Mullins says:

Thank you. Love this video. I get bummed out when someone is talking about a great deal and I didn't know about the coupons. This is so helpful!! You are awesome!

Lashana Jordan says:

They have these coupons on cvs site as well, my coupons don't all come to my account on cvs at one time I have been checking since 1am (eastern standard time) and they were not there then.

Antonio Navarrete says:

awesome,thank you girl you male my world still go round and round

Lashana Jordan says:

Yes printed them a couple hours ago. Thanks!

Vanessa Hernandez says:

Thank you so much. Heading to printer now.

Linda alay says:

You are the Best!!!👍👍🤗

Linda alay says:

Thank you!!!

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