No Coupons Needed to geet FREE Coffee and Colgate from walgreens

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You do not need to have any coupons to do this. And the deal is unlimited, roll it till you drop 🙂 hehehe Thank you for watching.


Monika AndCoupons says:

@missudad75 Thank you. And Thanks for watching

Monika AndCoupons says:

@bettyboopbh1 Colgate is no longer rolling

Monika AndCoupons says:

@jeanineadele It is not advertised. There is nothing to test… It works, I did it MANY times, multiple people worked this deal for the last two weeks. So get your 3RR and run to Wags, trust me it will work. Coffee deal is going on till the 17th (03.17.2012). Good luck and let me know how it went.

Monika AndCoupons says:

@flacrafter Hope you get lots of coffee 🙂

Monika AndCoupons says:

@clipyourcoupons Thanks

Hollar Girl says:

Hi Monica, I watched your earlier video about this and went to Walgreens to try it. My store didn't have any tag on the coffee and I couldn't find it in the ad. The clerk didn't know anything about it. How did you find out about it? I want to try it but the manager gets upset when I try and test for RR's.

flacrafter says:

love it……headed out in a few minutes!

Monika AndCoupons says:

@butterfly52583 Thanks for watching

Monika AndCoupons says:

@lateashia418 Thank you

bettyboopbh1 says:

Is the colgate rolling

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