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In this episode of Retail Archaeology we take a look at OfficeMax and it’s parent company Office Depot.

LGR’s video on TI calculators:

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Ollie Namikazi says:

I don't want all you put me

Pedro Rodriguez says:

I worked at Office Depot Store 00518. We're in the middle of liquidation now

Gina Khorsandpour says:

There are no need for these kind of stores anymore

David B. says:

We use staples online – they offer next day delivery – prices are good – if they don't have it then Amazon

Michael Licavoli says:

Gave up on Max over twenty years ago, came in with a problem with an HP printer. Didn’t have a receipt and asked for help, they said too bad, should have purchased the extended warranty. Contacted HP, and father said according to the serial number my printer was within warranty and sent a replacement.

Alston Crosby says:

i work at one in utah that is for sure going to be demolished for new apartments 🙁 will be sad to see it go

kimchee94112 says:

I used to go often whenever I see an ad and needed stuff like supplies, computer or copier. Now I haven't seen an ad for months and forgot they existed.

seanlamar29 says:

I use to work for officemax for 9 yrs

Martin Baxter says:

That's mine, in terms of occupation.

And the SOLE reason I go into OfficeMax is when I need to fax information in a hurry. (And I can easily set that up myself with the right cables. Just no real reason to set it up, as those instances are so rare.)

Zach Chandler says:

I've been a employee of Office Depot/OfficeMax for about 11 years now and have been very happy with it. Started as a cashier and worked my way up to my own store. So it breaks my heart that each year they are cutting labor costs and closing stores that once used to be very popular in their areas. They are always changing things around to keep from going under. Thankfully the store I've worked at is high volume so if we did begin closing stores in our area we'd be okay for a while longer.

TheChuckieH says:

Wow! I didn’t think pencil sharpeners were still a thing or that people even still used pencils.

Karl Jay says:

I'm blaming the Michael Scott Paper Company, they have the lowest prices in town. They can't even afford a delivery person, so they deliver the paper themselves in a converted church van.

Karl Jay says:

@6:18 TI graphing calculator, wow. I was blow away when someone showed me their college text book, the very fact that he had a hard copy college text book was just unreal. I still have some of mine from long ago and they should be free now in PDF format. Colleges are such a rip off, I'm glad people are finally coming to terms with the scam that colleges are.

The thing about Office Max is that you can get it right now. However, not many actually need things right now and Amazon is working on things like 2 hour, same day, etc… The heavy things like paper, where shipping can kill it, but you still have the 1 hour you'll waste going over there to get it.

Makes you wonder where the jobs of the future are going to come from.

ZacOffTheWall says:

My two friends and I who were working this store when you came in totally could've given you the full tour. We had a closet in the back for the mops and buckets and what not, it at the exact moment of this filming it was over molded and nasty, and the smell bro. Jesus. They never fixed that before they shut down the store about two months ago. I left long before that happened, but that place was abysmal. There were surprisingly busy moments in that store, but it was dead like that all too often. Just to mention, I think my two other homies commented here as well. We all got a group chat and one of em sent it to the other two of us. Whole video is funny af.

2345tomson says:

I remember when you were in my store. You should have told me you were doing a documentary about the slow death of Office Depot Office Max I would have shown you the mold closet. For the record they laid me off at the beginning of the year and closed the store a month-and-a-half 2 months ago.

PrimeBeefer says:

Wow this is trippy so I worked at this exact officemax on stapley up until we closed a month ago. Now I've been transferred to another location. From what I can tell this was around like September maybe. This company is weird man they're trying to transition into being a service company, print and pc repair, and the retail part is just a front. We don't make any money on the items it's almost all in the print center. Also the yellowed tags was cuz the plastic holder thing was old not the tags themselves. Really the only old items in the store were the clearance ribbons you looked at and the light bulbs. When we cleaned the store out during liquidation I found an adhesive floppy disc sleeve the attach to a manila folder from 2005 under the base of a shelf.

laurel jade says:

overpriced and outdated office supplies, plus officemax is a time capsule of yesteryear like kshart.

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