OMG! Extra P&G coupon register rewards prints, and its rolling..New promotion!

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Another great week to coupon at walgreens i think. New promotion, extra RR printing and rebates. Make sure you are sign up on Fetch Rewards and Ibotta rebate apps. If not I have the link below and use my referral code to get some extra bonus cash. I hope you enjoy this video and don’t forget to share some love by clicking the like button and subscribe if you haven’t done so. Thank you for watching!🤗🥰

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XA_MX says:

i thought you cant have more RR than number of items

The paper and pen girl says:

I love the PetitePlanner System as well ❤

Alaunda Gilmore says:

Good Morning Girlfriend!☀️🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m Back ! 😂 I’m catching up on your videos!🥰

L Marie says:

Hi again! Also, when you use a STORE RR you don’t get RR back and no cash back also right? It has to say MANUFACTURER coupon on the RR reward? Right now I have 1 $4 store and 1 $5 MFR. DO NOT use the $4 store RR for the olay deal correct?

L Marie says:

Just found your channel. So happy 🥰 I didn’t know you can use the spend boosters & RR on other accounts I just learned that last week! By any chance, how do you have so many accounts? I would like to do the olay deal several times also. Thank you for your time!

Sara Fox says:

Yes it was the Astepro children's why you didnt earn the 7 WC it wasn't coded for the allergy promotion for some reason. Allegra children's liquid is for sure. That is an expensive mistake if you buy the wrong products.

Sherice Gadson says:

Hello can I get the bar soap instead

Sue Ochoa says:

Thanks alot sweety ❤

Sara Williams says:

Also when a paper spend booster prints it can be used on any acct. which is why some people take them out of the Garbages. So if ur have 2 acct and acct 1 prints a paper booster like spend $40 get $9 u can use it on any acct or I could use it on my acct if I had the paper
Coupon. Just so you know 🙂

Sara Williams says:

I would call customer service to get those coupons for the allergies meds applied. When I’ve called and they can see the coupon should have came off and it’s clipped on my acct they give me the amount of the coupon in WC 🙂 Hope
That helps

C Jones says:

No RR printed when you I bought 3 Olay bw even though I asked if his Catalina was printing before ringing. Cashier returned and gave me one of those dreadful merchandise cards that can't be used online and said it was bc of my mfr DQ, which I said isn't true. Had to abandon that and the 2nd Olay transaction I had lined up. Hope it works for others!

Darlene Bailey says:

Thanks for sharing

Patti Ney says:

Great haul!

cici dauz says:

Hello sis ! Always a good haul you got there . I did the Olay bar soap but no P&G $4 Catalina 😫

kim henderson says:

Hello I just happen to come across your channel great couponing I looked at several of your videos the yard sales are amazing .

Jennifer Castro says:

Was this a Glitch for the Olay $4 P&G???

Noreen McCool says:

Oh, i wonder if the Olay bar soap is working

Michelle Turla says:

Te magdala ka makanyan nasal spray Kareng anak ne.tnx.

Dream says:

I also have a $7 digital. So I will buy two adults. Use the booster plus $7 and $6.50 digital coupon. Thanks for sharing that. I also made sure to unclip the $4.😉

Dream says:

The children's Astepro is not listed for the spend $25 get $7. I think that is why.

Bree Saves says:

🎉🎉thank you!

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