OMG! Target HOT Gift Card Deal! Easy Couponing! Digital & Paper coupon deals | one cute couponer

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Lots of hot deals at Target this week!
Quick note: I miss read the Dove coupon. You’ll see it in the video. Just adjust or leave that deal out. It’s not required to use that coupon, so you’re good with or without it. 😊


one cute couponer says:

Where do I get my coupons from ?
πŸ’–To order Pre clipped coupons
Use code:CUTE for 20% off

Printable coupons available at
Click "coupons" tab and scroll down.

πŸ’– Whole coupon books/Inserts
contact: @cheimom17

πŸ’–More whole coupon books

tinababy91 says:

I love this video! So efficient & present at the store! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Naara Rodriguez says:

So you need to have a RedCard to do this deal? Or just having the app is fine ? I really want to do this but I am not sureeeee 😭

meag says:

Make sure you have the team member scan the $5.00 gift card coupon BEFORE cartwheel! Or it won't work!

Sammy Duke says:

Thank you so much for sharing. Can you help me with the 40 off purchase coupon for signing up for the red card purchase. I'm so confused about what I can use it for. I signed up in July

mari zazueta says:

Where do u get the nivea, caress, dove etc coupons???

wendy louise says:

It's ok deal if you use the you basically have to stockpile product to get the deals

Holly B says:

Some targets have an updated system….3 of the 4 around me are updated….so they take the value of the giftcard and split it between the items, then the 50% comes off AFTER that. These updated systems also don't pop up with the giftcard right away, it pops up AFTER the cashier hits the total for you to pay. This means you really have to pay attention if you but other items to make sure it comes out correctly. I wish I could post a receipts for old vs new Target systems!

Jean Ewane says:

I tried the Target buy $20 in health and beauty and get $5 gift card. It worked!

becuzouhealthcoach says:

the coupon is buy the body wash get the handsoap for free that is why $3.99 cause the hand wash is not over that.

Joanna Avalos says:

For the dove it’s either the soap bar or body wash and then get 1 free hand soap. πŸ™‚ up to 3.99$

Rachel Olvera says:

Never heard of bulldog

Golden Goddess says:

Are you getting the paper coupons from the Sunday paper ?

Heather De Leon says:


jessica lozada says:

So they allow u more than one coupon for the same item ?

mikes says:

My question is on the aussie miracle coupon it says one coupon per purchase meaning is the I can use??? Also says limit of 2 coupons per household, so I cannot use another coupon???? HELP new couponer

Anna G says:

How many times can you do it? And can you do more than 1 transactions to get it? Is there a limit?

MsTiffanysWorld says:

Love this. Can you do a deal on the target household 15Gc if u spend 50

rantybaby says:

Did Target give a reason why the Summer's Eve didn't scan properly? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Till We Have Replicators says:

I do like that the manager came alongside you and gave you your discount. πŸ˜€

sylvia castillo says:

Thank you for sharing this deal. Wow, I see cosmetics are a better buy at Target.

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