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In this episode, I show you my first prints coming from an app that I’ve just discovered called “FreePrints” : this service offers you 45 prints (10×15) for free per month (you only pay the delivery which is between 1,99 and 7,99 euros max depending on the number of pictures (plus, there is no engagement).

The app will ask you to import your photos from an online plateform such as facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google, Drive, OneDrive, Flickr or directly from your smartphone.

You have the possibility to choose a matt effect for the paper.
You can also dezoom the picture to have a white border.

As you can see there, the quality of these prints are quite good particularly for the price. This is a good solution to have your pictures printed for almost nothing. Pretty good deal !

I am sure there are plenty of similar service like this one, personally it’s the first time I print my picture and I am quite satisfied with this one. It worth it.
If you would like to test this application, use my CODE: dnguyen18
It willl gives you 5 more bonus prints for free/month !

(ps: this is not a product placement or whatever.)

Happy printing 🙂

Most of these pictures shown here are shot on film.
Camera : Canon A-1 / Nikon F3 / Nikon FM2n
You can see all the pictures on my Flickr page:

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Dario De Giosa says:

What's your invite-code? I would to use it for my next print!
Nice work, love your channel

Giovanni Saccoccio says:

This is great! Did you shoot all of them on film?

Peter Peter Peter says:

Love the pictures. Fantastic!!!! You can do my cover art anytime 🙂

shaahir joules says:

Awesome pictures and music man..

babarfyi says:

Can't find the link to the app. The only option with similar name in my store is wrong

Alexey Soloviev says:

As usually – every single shot is superb! And thank you for the tip regarding FreePrints!

Romy Photo says:

It's always nice to hold a physical photo, I print my work occasionally but really would like to learn darkroom printing at some point. De belles photos en tout cas!

rented tux says:

Hey brother, I want to see what you do with a TLR camera (twin lens reflex). I'd love to see that. Cheers!

Foto22 says:

Lovely. I do hope that some day you can get into a darkroom and print them yourself. That experience has no comparison 🙂

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