Online Shopping Hacks & Tips (Sales, Discount Codes & Advice) – Lily Melrose

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I dont use any specific discount code websites, just whatever pops up on google. My motto in life is if you dont know something “Just bloody google it”.

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Shirt Im Wearing – River Island
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This video is not sponsored, I bought everything with my own money apart from anything with an asterisk (*) as stated above .

How old are you? 26
Where do you live? Brighton
What do you film with? Canon 70 & a Sigma 18-35mm Lens
What do you edit with? Final Cut Pro X


Vegin Cheema says:

I really think "Spendrush,com" could really help you by giving you inspiration. Like for agree!

Jennifer Lee says:

Please do a video on the whole situation about Missguided, I've been thinking about ordering from them for a while now and would like to see why you don't like them, also great video! Definitely going to be trying some of those tips out xx

Becky Nye says:

Loved the video Lily! Often I'll add on more clothes purposely (often looking to take them back anyway) if you only get free home delivery over a certain price, as then you don't have to pay postage and can just take/send the clothes back! xx

Keeley Grocock says:

H&M have a big Black Friday and cyber Monday sale and just so you know, items that are in the sale online might not be in the sale in store and vice versa. Quite annoying but if you have the app you can scan items in store to see if they are reduced online! Some other stores do this too

Kim Wild says:

I was watching the video and reading the comments as you mentioned that you do it too 😅 haha made me laugh

Luxufab says:

Can totally relate to the Missguided hate! £2 admin fee to return an item and now I haven't received a refund for a jacket I returned over a week ago and customer services aren't getting back to me! I don't reckon they'll be around for much longer with such poor service

rymh says:

Topshop and ASOS usually give 20% off around your birthday if you're signed up to the newsletter!

Rebecca Hollick says:

Really good tips X

London Hundem says:

I always hear such bad things about missguided but with me the delivery is amazing! Even when I put standard delivery it still ALWAYS comes the next day, I could possibly live close to the distribution centre or delivery courier they use but yeah asos is always pretty late with me 🙁

BiAh91 says:

Small tip for sales: some sites do weekend sales sometimes – don't buy on fridays, buy on sundays. I found more than once that on the last day of sales they add free shipping or something like that. H&M does this very often.

johoheneenflesmetrum says:

Some extra tips.

– If you subscribe to newsletters, after a while you can just search in your email inbox to see at what date they had specific sales in the year before.
– If I get overwhelmed by the choice, I just bookmark some stuff and check back in sale time.
– If you want to check out a price comparison, often there is a specific item code in the description. Which is easier to google then a name. Maybe you've never noticed, but often you can find it in the description.
– know your measurements. Just knowing your chest, waist and hip measurements help a lot. Also having an idea of the vertical lenght of your favorite tshirt or sweater will give you an indication on where an item of clothing will hit you at the hip/waist/bum.

Shannon Beer says:

My tip for sales is not to actually browse through everything on sale, but go straight to your wishlist or saved items and just look through there. Often there's things I've saved but not bought just because I can't afford it, so when they go on sale I'm straight in there!

lauren aimie says:

Missguided have definitely improved more recently with their delivery and their returns, they now offer free delivery a lot of the time and also offer free returns now 🙂

Zoe Franklin says:

I used to work for River Island, and if you're thinking of buying something but know a sale might be coming up, check for shadow marking. In the week running up to a sale, the discounted prices get written on the tags in advance to make doing the reductions quicker. Its usually done in black pen on the black or white part of the back of the tag and isn't written as a price, so something being reduced to £15 for example will have 015 on it somewhere – I've noticed New Look seem to do the same thing

EmNorth says:

Your skin looks amazing! What foundation are you wearing? Love the vid 🙂

Sara G says:

If something is sold out on the site of a high street brand and is in the sale then try asos or very which often sell the brand but have stock in different warehouses to the brands own site. I did this with a jacket from miss selfridge and they still had stock left in my size. £40 off!

catcat500 says:

Ugh, i've had soooo many mishaps with missguided's delivery and then their customer service was absolutely shambolic – not a fan at all

Leigh Marinelli says:

I was scrolling through the comments just as you said that! 🙈

hels bels73 says:

Also, go through Topcashback and you can get cash back on your orders if they are on the site. 😀

NaturalGlamourxo says:

Great tips, completely agree with them all! would love to hear about missguided xo

Lou 05 says:

I won't buy from pull and bear, misguided or forever 21 because I hate the courier they use! x

EllieJ says:

This is so helpful! I always use student discount even if it's a tiny amount, anything i can get off full price is worth it! X

Smay Prangley says:

These tips were super helpful! Thanks 🙂

Brittany Jordan says:

Great tips. I've only shopped on Missguided once and I never will again, I bought this navy lace dress. Not only did they send me the wrong size it was so damaged, the stitching was coming apart and the lace had holes. It sucked because it was for my birthday.

Kaely Sauriol says:

Definitely curious about the Missguided thing. I don't like them either and I've had problems with their delivery/returns too and the quality of the garments.
Lovely video.❤️ you are the fashion queen.

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