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Today’s awesome FREEBIE haul at Walmart & Independent!
117 items for FREE!
So, you want to start couponing in Canada?
You want to learn how to build your stockpile with little to no cash out of pocket?
You want to KEEP your hard earned cash?
You will need to know where and how to start.
This video will show you how to start your stock pile, one deal at a time, with little to no money out of your pocket & get some AMAZING FREEBIES!
Please also join the coupon conversations on fb, check out our group @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ilove…
http://ilovesavings.ca/smartsource/ (print Flamingo Chicken Coupon)
http://gaylea.com/ (sign up for Gay Lea newsletter)
https://my.nestle.ca/ (Drumsticks print coupon)
https://www.dan-on.com/ca-en/my-discounts (Danone coupons for print)


Sharon Francis says:

Thanks for your wealth of info on savings tips plus the videos sure do make a difference cuz I'm a visual learner, which I've learned a lot from #ILoveSavings in the past month or so ever since I subscribed to your channel. Awesome haul Sherri (Y)

D W says:

All that Advil for the headaches over organizing coupons??? Lol

Sinthu Jerad says:

Should move back to toronto.. they have great deals

Venessa Talbert says:

Just subbed. Teach me oh great one! lol.

Gina Nguyen says:

I never have luck at wallmart

Michelle Oakes says:

When wanting multiples of the same item using coupons are you able to just finish one transaction and start another immediately? Most coupons say one coupon per customer, are you able to use more than one?

Mary says:

How do you print 12 coupons? 6 computer/phones/tablets? And how did you get 48 tearpad coupons for the cereal?

brazilian06 says:

Got a lot of these deals this week thanks to you guys !! ❤️❤️❤️

Kelly Hundertmark says:

That is amazing! i love your website and facebook group! i have learned so much from you in such a short time that other people I talk to have actually asked me to teach them!! Love all your videos! Thanks for all your work helping people like me 😊

Linda Geertsma says:

Way to go I Love Savings! Thank you for being a help to everyone!

kezgram says:

thank-you for sharing

Bev Wilton says:

Love these videos!!

Nancy Sheehy says:

Love these videos.

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