Paid Memberships Pro Tutorial #9: Discount Codes

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In this video on building a WordPress membership site with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin, we look at setting up discount codes for potential members.

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Robert says:

Very helpful excellent, thank you.

Borja Girón says:

Hi! How do I change a member's level and their price without cancel their payment? Thanks! says:

Thanks for the tut. I have a question if you can help. Some of my users do not have paypal account or credit card and would like to deposit cash to my bank account. So can I get a way to send them a code to their email manually to register with and get access to the restricted contents for a period of time that expires. If you have any ideas please reply

Soul Rebel says:

Great video!!! BTW I wanted to know if there is a way to set up discount code to allow only those with the code to access the content. Im want to do a preview launch to my site for only a selected few. Please help im stuck!!!!

Pip Lawrence says:

I keep getting and error code when ever someone tries to use my codes, any ideas?

Jack McQuain says:

is there no way just to take the level and give it a 10% discount code for example?

Brian Robbins says:

suppose you charge 5/month for a monthly recurring subscription. How would you offer a 1 week free trial?

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