Paper & Digital Coupons “Working” At Dollar General

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Heres and update on the paper and digital coupons “working” at Dollar General right now.

I’m here to help you coupon every step of the way. I love to coupon at Dollar General, Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s & Rite Aid. I try to use as many digital coupons as I can to reduce the money we both spend on paper and printable coupons. I also will do my best to provide you breakdowns with the lowest possible out-of-pocket.
Thanks for watching the videos. I hope you will comment if you have questions or even just say hey πŸ˜‰ and share your learning with those that need to hear it.
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Additionally, I will upload ANYTIME I find an awesome deal!


Nonnie ExposingDCFKidnappers says:

This video has made my day!! I am paper coupon oriented and know using them the deals can be so much more awesome then sticking to just digital coupons. They really pay off in the end in a major way. The price you pay for them, you get back and much more. I order them from Instagram and get most regions where I never miss a deal! I had no interest in couponing at DG until I came across one of your videos and was intrigued by the $3/$15 but I’ve been having a major problem with the minimum wage cashiers and managers being clueless as to what their ads consist of if they are back farther then the present week with their IS deals. I’m becoming very frustrated when a certain coupon doesn’t cooperate with giving you the IS. If they advertise it, they should honor it, period. I called the number you gave me and just like the Mgr told me when I confronted him about $1 only coming off instead of the $3/2 since I bought two L’Oreal and was told they would be forwarding it to the him anyway and have yet to receive a call back. I’m sure he remembered me because he gave me the typical anti coupon speech and I got no where with him. It’s become apparent to save all their ads that extend beyond that week I’m really wondering if DG is just a total scam and intentionally screws people out of their advertised deals. How much sense does it make that L’Oreal stylers are not giving the IS that’s advertised in addition to the $4/2 coupon not generating the IS yet you use a coupon for the wrong product and it’s a hit or miss? Corporate is far from what I’m used to dealing with for CVS. I’m debating on whether DG is worth couponing at since the $3/15 will be obsolete but would love to get in what I can utilizing the survey coupon but I’m not familiar with the prices. If you share specific breakdown deals using the $3/$15 that would really be helpful. I have the $2 Gain coupon I’ve been trying to work into a good deal. I will have to play it by ear to see if I actually stick with DG or not. If I’m not able to benefit in adding to my stockpile, I’ll just stick to CVS & Walgreens for the deals worth getting. Keep on keeping on!! This video definitely sparked my interest but since I have PTSD, it’s really difficult for me to come up with my own scenarios. I depend on YouTube to do that for me 🀣😳😡

Latasha Williams says:

Thanks so much Chritsa I really enjoy your videos I watch them from the beginning to the end. You my family and I so much money. Thanks you're Great!

Hazel Hernandez says:

I used the hand tags coupon yesterday at night. They still working

Amy Stotts says:

What about the $1.50/2 Ibotta rebate for nabisco? 😁. I can't find the nabisco coupon, but I know I saw it in my inserts. I know I didn't/don't typically get nabisco coupons. Would love to receive them of course.

Penelope Jackson says:

I used the 2 $2 finish coupons and bought my 7 Christmas items ..paid 1Penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Chochard says:

I've missed you…lol…Your make up looks BEE*UTE*TEE*FUL…..

Yvonne West says:

Hi Christa, I have been trying to make sure I use my $3 off $15 forgetting to use them because I have several times. But I have had problems with it. If you look at the bottom right corner of the coupon it says "instructions for cashier if coupon doesn't scan it states
"1. Key in the promotion code. 2. Press enter, then total the transaction. 3. Apply manufacture coupons if any."
That's pretty straightforward step by step instructions, and clearly states the 3 off 15 applies before manufacture coupons. I wrote down the corporate number after one of your live feeds. I intend to let them know they really should post their coupon policy close to registers. I had a cashier refuse to accept a coupon that would give me overage. I didn't want money back just wanted the overage applied to my cart.

Cassie Leigh says:

Is the Lysol sale 3 for $5 nationwide? I didn't see any signs in my store.

Viola Alley says:

The Lysol 3 pack was $5my store use one hang tag that's $2 makes them $3.00 like $1.00 each..unless you doing a deal with Lysol….just saying.

lizzeettee says:

I got all the holiday plug ins for 25 cents thanks to your last video I had overage to πŸ‘Œ

Elsie Mustain says:

My hang tag worked yesterday!!!

Angels Haven says:

I am going to use my hangtags Sat.

Dixie Boothe says:

How to do more survey

Dixie Boothe says:

How would I do for sat for the Lysol, cookie,vitamin ,loreal shampoo, and anything else

Dixie Boothe says:

How long will the vitamin still be on sale

Ruby Beard says:

Ibotta has a new rebate on L'Oreal hair can be redeemed up to seven times making the deal at Dollar General sweeter

Chelsey Crow says:

This was a life saver. On the buy one get one razor can u buy 4 or whatever it would ring up
To be to total of 15$ and use a 3$ off 15$

Virgie Landa says:

That makes perfect sense, everyone run to DG! , my steps are full of ice, I cant go anywhere without falling on my face. I have brittle bones due to my arthritis, so I think I will pass on this one. Thanks for sharing.

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