Paperwork Organization: Mail, Receipts, School Papers, Coupons

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In this video, I show the very simple ways that I organize all of the paperwork that comes into our home on a daily or weekly basis. I include mail, store coupons, restaurant coupons, bills, receipts, school papers, and a few other things.

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Rita Williams says:

Jen! I love your videos. I was wondering why I hadn't gotten any notifications from you. Turns out that somehow I got unsubscribed from you & your notifications. Just subscribed again! So glad I found you again! I love your love of order & your love for Jesus.

D Webb says:

great tips! very helpful especially your system for receipts and your notebook for corralling all those random things……simple and effective! i am going to implement. 🙂 thank you so much!

Datta Kutumbam says:

This video is very helpful and i always follow most of ur videos. Can you please share the Long video you are going to talk about House folder. Also the video you mentioned at the end about the paperwork video too. If you could give me the links in ur reply that would be really great. Waiting to see ur response. once again Thank You.

marian B says:

Hello. thank you for the video, but did you ever make the other video, warranties, long term filing,etc.? I could not find it. Could you please reply? Thank you.

XS Kosti says:

Re: filing receipts, what do you do with receipts that fit into 2 categories (or even 3)? For instance, you bought at the same store clothing for you and something for the house and paid with your credit card? I don't want to be nit-picky, but it is situations like that which have resulted in my never being able to figure out how to organise myself.

Sarah Jean says:

You gave me so many great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!!

islandgirlsummer says:

Hi Jen-Do you happen to have your daily and zone cleaning to-do lists in word or excel (or some other format) that you might be able to post on your blog? Thank you 🙂

Coolcookiegirl says:

Oh god. I need this so bad. My daughter gets tons of paper every single day and I just don't know what to do with it. I'm pretty organized with mail and receipts but her school papers are driving me up the wall.

Jorge Villacis says:

I Really like you .. your voice .. so sexy

Carol Moore says:

Thanks, Jen! Just what I needed today.

petmom ful says:

Jen, your ideas are great. They are simple and doable.  Paper is one of my problems.  It stacks up on the counter!  My husband just won't put anything away so I have to make it easy for him.  I also have stuff all over my frig.  Thanks for the ideas, and keep them coming!  I love to organize, always have.  I think I am more organized than most people I know, but I still have some areas to conquer.

Dianne says:

I just love your organizational videos!  You have given me lots of good ideas Jen, and I'm looking forward to more of these!  Thank you!

Andy Delu says:

You are a master of organizing!

TheAPeachyLife says:

I have to ask you if you are a Leo? Definitely type A like myself…. I am a little freaked out by how much we have in common, down to the file folders, bills in order of due date, coupons, and receipts. I mean to the "T"!

Autumn L.- Seasonal Living says:

Have you considered being a professional organizer once your kids are grown? Great ideas!

Irma Martinez says:

I've read many blogs and watched many videos on paper organization. This video is the one that makes the most sense to me! This is something that I can easily implement!! You have an answer to the things that I actually needed answers to! Thank you for sharing!!

Jacky Watson says:

Thank you you have given me idea's to help me with my paper work thanks

жаннка американка says:

jen, can you please do a video on budgeting?! i think a lot of us could really use it; especially for those of us who don't want to pay for say quickbooks… thanks! 🙂

robinljacobsen says:

Thank you, thank you!!!

WifeMommyFamily Journey says:

Love it!! We have a similar paper organization system!! Thanks for sharing!!

gr8fulgirl7 says:

Great video! I have my major purchases' receipts organized, but not my everyday ones. They are all stuffed in a plastic zip bag. I am going to use your simple system ~ dividing them up is brilliant!! Thanks **~Karen

Mary Kale says:

Loved this, thank you!

Temptingtreats1 says:

Love how it's all so simple!!!

Blonde LLB says:

Loved your video. Great ideas … I m the gal that has a coupons falling out of her purse. Lol. I am inspired by your videos to be better organized. Thank you !

Janel T says:

I too don't have decorated folders or anything like that…lol. Thanks for your great ideas…I like to keep things simple as well because the more difficult it is, the more I put things off till later and before I know it, there are multiple piles of papers all over!!! Thanks Jen! 🙂 Janel in NJ

achurley says:

Jen great video ! I love the way you organize . I pretty much do the same thing with all the papers coming in the house, they all have a spot in our filing cabinet. Keep the great tips coming : )

Bridgett Charles says:

Have You ever thought of makin the Bulletin Board Pretty by covering it with Fabric? I think it would be easy to do, I don't Mind the original state but it could please the eye(=

Josefigne says:

I have also gone almost paperless with the bills and the weekly ads from supermarkets. We don't have coupons in Denmark, so you don't need the ads either…

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