Paying for People’s Groceries

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Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for watching – Andrew

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Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for watching.


Serious Sam says:

u r a beauty <3

Khaizer Wasi says:

I wish Allah gives you more, Good job

Heri Hidayat says:

1.10 the baby looks so cutee

Sky QueenLayla says:

This brings me tears of joy, I understands how that feels 🙂

mike oug says:

if someone cries because the grocery shopping is free…your society sucks

cv blog says:

who the f**k says money cant buy happiness….

Katherine Nguyen says:

Oh wait….*grabs everything*, ok there you go

noa la says:

It I ever became so rich i'll do things like this and make people's lives it makes me happy just by watching people doing things like this I wonder how it feels if I was the one who did this

くんたん says:

awwwwww my heart is melting and touched 💕💕💕

TaylorCraft says:

3:28 , the guy behind her, wtf?

Jahnvi Sachan says:

Lmao people react as if they have won Oscars. Great video, it is good to spread happiness!

Apparatus says:

Background song is, if it means a lot of you – ADTR (Cover by This Wild Life) ?

Wes Hun says:

Good vid, but I think the title should be named "paying for women's groceries" lol.

kalpoondi star says:

You people's always good..why this is happening in part of the world…this is not happening all over the world

Erica Yang says:

You are the chosen one!

BabiesLUV Nursery says:

I bet you reaped many blessings from this. You do good for others, and others will be good to you. Amen

Thophan says:

wow we need more of this kind of grocery stores

Snoop catt says:

Why tf is youtube unsubbing me from half of the channels??

Catherine Hermansen says:

And you didn't hang around to get credit. AWESOME

Bruno Rezende says:

This is the kind of content that makes me wanna have money enough to be able to give it and make someone's day.
While I can't I at least hope to be able to help someone with some voluntary work.
Thank you guys for doing this.

Everything I say is the Truth says:

Why's that white short hair lesbian bitch worker taking all the credit?

mosta kun says:

Fake lol nice comedy video

Warda Al- Shukairi says:

Thats amazing i wish someone pay my dept so i can be free…offffff

Sotiris Sotiri says:

That's so nice!!! JUST SHOW LOVE GUYS AND BE KIND!!! If you make people smile and feel good, you feel much better ether guys!!! This video so cool

Gabriela CingeLOVA says:

I tell ya I will do something like this too

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