Peeps Oreos by Nabisco Taste Test / Trial / Review NEW Limited Edition Easter 2017

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Bad Enabler tastes and eats the NEW Peers brand Oreos with marshmallow peeps flavor creme. Limited Edition for Easter 2017. News, info on where to get them, taste test and review included. Comparison to the Swedish Fish Oreos made and Vienna Fingers. Side effects also included, including pink tongue. For more reviews, hauls, demos, tutorials, vlogs, and general zaniness, like and subscribe here. For savings on your in store and online purchases for just about anything, including candles, body care, and general life products, use my ebates link below — they send you a percentage of your purchase back to you in cash and there is no credit card, or catch required, you just get a percent back. Here’s the link & happy hauling!


meikoblock says:

"They're peeps they're Oreos they are not suppose to be good for you!" Fav quote!

Laurie C says:

I'm glad I only bought one box. The filling tasted just like red food coloring. Even my kids wouldn't eat them.

RL Smail says:

You have this amazing way of talking to the camera like we are sitting right there with you. And yes, you're a pig 🐷 haha

Lunar Dream says:

LOL I like my peeps stale

Mothyr Grimm says:

I looooove them

ChrissieA012 says:

Omg I have to get some now!!!!

Joyce Martin says:

I even mine out too….6 was perfect

Tonya Hall says:

"if things go south" bwahahaha!!! Pun intended? I've passed these up all weekend. I saw them in Target and Walmart. I wanted to get them just to see if they do turn poop pink! Now I must have after listening to your review 🙂

Denise B says:

I love how excited you get! I'm so happy to see the old You back. I bet you eat that package tonight. See you next video.

2GAYDADS says:

We did a taste test on these and they were ok if you ate the whole cookie. I pretty much thought they tasted like the Golden Oreos but I thought the filling by itself was so bitter from the food coloring dye I am assuming 😝 They did turn our tongues pink but I didn't notice any pink poop lol.

C C says:

OMG I love your videos so much….you are hilarious!!!!

James Campbell says:

I enjoyed these more dunked in milk, more so than other Oreos. your pink tongue was a hoot! 😄

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