PetPlate April 2018 Dog Food Subscription Unboxing + Exclusive Coupon

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xydoit says:

I don't want to think what how big is the container of a big dogs

Debbie Spisak says:

It's Buddy approved. You can't go wrong there. Buddy's a very handsome boy❤❤❤❤

Space Oddity Kayla says:

Aww! I love your channel so much already (I've subscribed to Glossybox and a few others you recommend) but love it even more now hearing about your dog. My rescue was in a similar situation before we got her. She's spoiled rotten now. I think I'll be getting this for Gracie now too. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

Jenny Q says:

Wow! He loved that dog food! He's so cute!

Jenny Q says:

God bless you for getting a rescue dog and pampering him, that's wonderful hon 🙂

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