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*NOT SPONSORED* I thought I would share my experience using this app so that is what I share in this video as well as some photos!

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Beng Bfd Miker says:

Why do we pay for delivery

Lara Polovina says:

Which software or app did you use for sharing your phone’s screen?

Squidburn says:

Now you got 101 subscribers

Squidburn says:

I love this video so much! You’re so pretty

Whitney A says:

What size are the pictures ?

cagtz07 says:

Use mine, ctorio1

Jasmine♡ says:

Use my code jmitchell626

Jameisha Brockman says:

Use my code jhawkins153

Exo_bangtantrash says:

You're really pretty 🙂

RoseOreo says:

I absolutely love this app!!

Zhen 98 says:

How long did delivery take?

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