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Pizza Toowoomba | | Toowoomba Pizza

Man, I’m hungry
Yeah, I could go a Toowoomba Pizza!
Oh yeah! Meat lovers with a thick base.
No way! Crispy base Supreme with seafood.
With some garlic bread on the side
Washed down with a cold drink
Now I really am hungry! Let’s stop talking about it and order.
Hey, I just remembered, our local pizza place has a great coupon that saves us money!
What! We can get an even better deal than their normal prices!
Yeah! Our local store has just put together some great pizza specials.
Beauty! How do we get our hands on these coupons?
We have just got to download the coupons from the link below this video!
Well, what are we waiting for! Click that link below this video and let’s get these pizzas ordered!
Right! I’m on to it! Pizza Toowoomba here we come!
Hey! Make sure you get two coupons! I don’t want any of your crispy base seafood stuff!
Too easy! Consider it done!

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jonhy2x4 says:

Wtf did i just watch

justojust says:

And I thought home and away was bad

Benson Adams says:

1:17 of my life back please!

Sem says:

So what has this got to do with toowoomba?

OMGnumber2 says:

i actually live in a city called toowoomba in Australia

Arcadian says:


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