Pocket Mortys – Fastest Way To Get Coupons! 1 Hour Timelapse Of Opening Loot Boxes!

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All items collected in one hour from loot boxes(may have miscounted some)
Platonic Rock 4
Cable 7
Juice Tube 4
Serum 15
Battery 10
Bacteria Cell 5
Sensational Serum 2
Poison Cure 4
Tin Can 3
Attack Seed 1
Circuit Board 3
Great Serum 1
Pure Platonic Rock 1
Paralyze Cure 3
Fleeb 4
Coupon 2
Defense Seed 1
Halzinger 3
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Instrumental produced by Chuki:


gamerx1 says:

Hey can you see my channel i want to know if i am doing a good job

Logan SCREENS COOL says:


[TheGyt ] says:

Heeyyyyyy I can edit for u I know how to add memes and all that good stuff on there so if you are interested just hit me up! And guess wha I will do it for free no hidden fee’s…lol

JoshyPlays287 says:

Call the series Fan Friday collaborations

Insane Fire Lord says:

I wish I can be a great YouTube Perez you thank you for give me a tip how to get a portal gun and a ticket and plus you'll know what I'm talking about I do have my own channel it's called insane Fire Lord look just be honest Sia😟😓😧

isaac kr says:

You missed a cronenburg morty

PnG 2000 says:

Hey I would like to collaborate I have no vids we can do mics and I'm free every day I love YouTube I like to watch vids and learn form them and we can play this or other games 👍🏼

MorGotrov Gaming says:

I would LOVE to become a you tuber i am struggling to get recording soft ware and if I got to record with you that would be amazing!!! If you pick to record pocket mortys or anything with me I would love it please reply to this comment. 🙂

Ice Cat says:

You should make drawing videos if your good at art I got over 100 views on my first YouTube vidio

Ice Cat says:

I'm good at art and I've made a rick and Morty picture

RTB'nin videolarını çeviren Türk says:


ComedySpider Gaming says:

Hello Kobes. Do you maybe want to do a collab on pocket mortys or an online mobile game sometime?? If so my twitter is comedy_spider_gaming. So please hit me up sometime! Thanks.

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