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This video goes through and debunks all these fake “free coupon” scams. Don’t click on any of these videos, not even this one.

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2BoredGuys Radio says:

can i get a heart?
if yes i subscribe


marianela rivera says:

OMG everyone is a bot all of them subed to this youtuber called kobes OMG

Elder God1678 says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I just got clickbaited
And so did you

Marcus Verdino says:

➳➳➳➳➳➳ Heeey Friendsss I Have F0unddddd Working onlliinnneee hhhaacccckkkvisittttt : – https://goo.gl/ErozSn?/6pfbb2sZ5

The floating lama says:

What's entertaining about this

NoahMaster 101 says:

Least popular guy (realized) oh fuck thats me dead

Donna Taylor says:

I think your fucking awesome dude

MrSoggyBoi says:

My school has a weird wifi that when I go up to an investment Rick and start an investment, it will speed it up automatically and I get free schmeckles. It's the same with the boot camp. So that's how I can hack the whole fricking game.

DrPedo says:

Pocket Mortys mod apk on my channel.
Hacks only work on CAMPAIGN.
Unlimited coupons ONLY.

Ivan Xie says:

LOL this made me laugh so hard

Altair Abgl says:

Tell those fakers I hate them forever

Javier Laguna says:

Fake fake fake fake fake you should be assume of yourself go tell your mom what you did

Shakila Muhammad says:

I tried one but it only worked once and the site is down now😥

Seikit Ho says:

Y O U R R E S O U R C ES . A RE . G R O W I N G U P

Revenant GameZ says:

Lol another ting I notice (cuz I experienced it) they delete comments saying it's fake (they always delete mine at least) I mean how u got 60,000 views but only like 18 comments?????

yolo sky says:

this guy is right cuz I hacked it and u don't need to do that fake vids he is right

The Unicorn says:

Kobes i have a hack for it Google pocket mortys mod apk its the one on android1.com

Amarandei Sebastian says:

Just use this:
1) Download Lucky Patcher.
2) You must have the app from game store.
3) Open Lucky Patcher.
4) Select the app.
5) Tap Open Patches Menu or something like that.
6) Tap create modified app.
7) Tap create modified app made for InApp and LVL Emulation.
8) Wait untill it's done.
9) Tap go to file. Then it will take you to the place where you can download the hacked app. Exit Lucky Patcher, but don't close it.
10) Uninstall the original app.
11) Go back to Lucky Patcher, tap the hacked app file, then tap install.
12) Done! All coupons purchases are free!

NOTE: Multiplayer coupon things purchases don't work.

NOTE: The process will not save up your data to the hacked app.

Portal chicken says:

So funny kobes Sam is watching

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