Print MASSIVE 3D Stuff CHEAP! Creality CR-10 Review! Latest Coupons JAN 2018

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Print MASSIVE Creations CHEAP! CR10 Initial Impressions

CR-10S with dual Z screws, Filament Sensor and power off/resume functions! Code: 1111GBCR10S or GBCR10S

US Creality CR-10 coupon: THEGBCR10 or 11CR10US

EU Creality CR-10 coupon: CR10ZUI or CR10UK31 or 11CR10EU

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Hail Megatron says:

What would u say is the best printer u ever used?

The Hot End - 3D Printing & Technology says:

CR-10S with dual Z screws, Filament Sensor and power off/resume functions! Code: 1111GBCR10S $445

US Creality CR-10 for $319.99 coupon: THEGBCR10

EU Creality CR-10 for $368.99 coupon: CR10ZUI

Karlton Rod says:

"Build quality exceptional", so you obviously got one from the first, good batch.
As with many chinese products, it seems the companies try to save on the following batches, stupid enough.
My CR10 had an odd frame, odd base plate, faulty screws, cumbersome to adjust; so I returned it.

The Hot End - 3D Printing & Technology says:

Exclusive code for The Hot End : code: HotEndExclusive20 $348.99!!!

The Hot End - 3D Printing & Technology says:

More stock in!!!!

Jonathan Grundstrรถm says:

3d printer is so awesome ๐Ÿ˜

william buzbee says:

Was that massive sculpture pictured 3D printed? If so, what type of printer?

bart kolsters says:

which would you recommend , the CR-10 or the TEVO little monster? does the print speed differ much?

JammCo says:

Great vid, how did you turn your logo into a 3D model/print?

keith blackie says:

can you show settings of cr-10…stringing to no stringing. best settings for fast printing. 300% or higher. thanks awesome

Edison Motors says:

Any more coupons for CR10? everything is dead for USA ๐Ÿ™

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