PRINT NOW!!! COUPON RE-SETS: CoverGirl / Arm & Hammer / & more!

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HURRY….lots of amazing coupons just re-set! Grab them while you can:
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Check out that Target Personal Care Deals Video:

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Tina Garcia says:

Thanks for video, it’s great!

Jaynell says:

The Rimmel coupon on Kellogg Family Rewards also reset.. SCORE!!

Heidi Talley says:

Thanks for the update 💯🌸

C C says:

I NEVER get ur video notifications!!!!!! Errrrrrrr!

M Smith says:

OK. I know why they wouldn't take my CRTs. Apparently this has recently happened to some others, who were told that if you are trying to use a, let's say, $3 of $12 Almay, and you also use a coupon that brings it below $12, then you don't get the $3 CRT. You could even spend $14.99….and exceed the $12 amount, but once you used a $3 coupon, which is what I did, then my CRT will no longer work. So basically, it's the coupon or the CRT. Not both. And that is what happened to me on Almay, on L'oreal, and on Maybelline. I lost $13 in CRTs just on those 3, and I lost another $4 off $15 cosmetics, just because I had coupons. So I lost a total of $17 just because I used the normal newspaper coupons for the product. Well, now I know their new rule (at least for my CVS).

Jeni Cook says:

TFS about the RESET of coupons, PRINTING now, sure don't want to miss out on any!

Natasha Early says:

Thanks for the heads up and I hope the meet and greet went well at Joe's school!

Jeannette John says:

Thank you soooo much

karen jones says:

hi, luellen! i hope the meet and greet went well. thanks for the update on resets. my son set my laptop so i can print from it but it's not working. arrrrrrrrrrrgh. i'll use his in a bit. fingers crossed, resets hold. hugs! ~k

Dora Chavez says:

Thanks Luellen

bertrelle phillips says:

Thank you so much I had no idea when they would resent being so new I have a question however when it resets how many times can usually print out one single coupon I try to couple times and it’s at my limit was reached

M Smith says:

I have a question for you CVS couponers. For the 2nd week in a row, CVS is not allowing me to use my makeup CRTs. They don't know why they won't work, but they say that maybe my coupons are taking the price down too low to use a $4 off $20, when I spent $23, and it goes on and on. I'm making sure that I exceed any requirements, but I had coupons as well. What good are the CRTs if I can't use a coupon with them? Anyway, they say there is nothing they can do. They won't override. I complained to corporate last week, and they put new CRTs on my card, but they were useless again today. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Apparently CVS cashiers don't either. Does anyone here know why the CRTs won't work? They are on Maybelline, Loreal, and $4 off any $20. I racked up $80 in makeup today, and except for my beauty bucks and $12/60, I had to use all my Extra Bucks to pay for it.

Christina M. says:

Thank u. printing now. Had a hard morning with my daughter starting Kindergarten 😭😭 She was ready and I wasn't. have a great day

Maskcara Becky says:

Thanks for the shout out!!!! Sweet 🙂

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