Printing Multiple Coupons From The Same Computer and Printing Tip!

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My name is Jacob and I am in LOVE with couponing. I started couponing when I was 10 years old (you could almost call me a prodigy). Since then I have saved THOUSANDS. Literally THOUSANDS. On this channel I’ll show you how to save 90% on personal and household items, and occasionally some grocery hauls (you should always try to save about 50%). I run a blog currently all by myself where I break down most of the deals I show you here. ( Along with haul videos I do post coupon matchups, quick deals/notifications, vlogs, couponing humor videos, and a little dab of etc. This is a sharing and learning zone so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I’m here to help because who doesn’t love a teenage boy telling YOU how to shop. No I’m kidding, couponing is hard at first but in the end the little bit of time you put in can save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Just think, if a ten year old boy watching Reality TV can do it, you can too! Thanks for coming to my channel and while you are here you mine as well subscribe. 🙂
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Amy Stotts says:

Hey, Jacob…ever look into something like this? I'm wondering if this is a way we could print coupons while we're out. I've seen someone use a portable printer (I'm thinking it was the ladies from living rich with coupons or hip2save.)

M P says:

What is the loreal deal coming up? 😳 thanks

Jennifer Cassaday says:

This could be considered fraud. I wouldn't recommend this.

bellafancyface says: and are tied together and it will say print limit reached. :0( Even is tied to and the manufacturer coupons will say print limit reached if you've already printed two of the same coupons from :0)

Antoinette Benison says:

Hi, Are you saying or Please advise. I need another source for printing coupons.Thanks

Brenda clawson says:

I went to and it said i had reached my limit already, couldn't print 🙁 what zip code did you use?

couponsareawesome says:

1:50 Is that how you feel about Rite Aid?

Dawn and Scott says:

Bummer i only have (4) loreal coupons.. But im gonna try to look in the inserts and see if theres any.. Lol

StyleAssortment says:

What is the deal for the Loreal?

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