Random Act of Kindness #61 | Buying Groceries for Others | PK

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As the holidays draw nearer, the PK team surprises people by paying for their groceries and Christmas presents! How would you pay it forward? To learn more about Practice Kindness, visit our website at www.practicekindness.org

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At PK we spread the word of kindness by capitalizing on random moments that illustrate how a simple gesture of kindness can inspire others to pay forward the goodwill they received.


Piontro Pechetrini says:

The Politicians always bragging about the USA exceptionalism while their own people are struggling to buy food. GOD, Bless these angels

Care Bear says:

This made me happy for these people, it made me sad to read the negative/brash replies. Many people never have this kindness show to them. This incidence of kindness can change a persons life for the better!

Cadillac Mack says:

The girl with the braids is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in a few more years!!

Michael Compton says:

Post or no post, these acts of kindness are the very heart of humanity and the more others see it being done, the more others will be inspired to help others. Thank you.

Rog Marcot says:

Why do good doers need to post every good deed on YouTube?

Willow Kessell Oelke says:

Ugh, I love this!!! I can't stop crying!

ahmed alnahdi says:

you guys are amazing ! God bless you

Do Bo says:

So many problems for billions of people that small amounts of money can fix and then you have billionaires who jsut buy yachets and mansions and sit on their billions. Pathetic.

85mjj says:

great great channel!!!!!!!!!!!


Makes me sick that you include your kids in this, youtube pays. Groceries… pathetic cunts.

Mattia Williams says:

The world needs more of this. Thank God for people like you. I'm a fan!

Crystal Mitchell says:

The first lady definitely appreciated the kindness

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