Real Extreme Couponing: Sunday Insert Coupons

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Amanda Chadwick says:

Okay so i go and pick up 2 sunday newspapers. If i cant use 2 mf cpns from that sunday paper on one item iswhy do i spend the money and get 2? Can I get two of the sane item and use 2 cpns in the same transaction? I just started to coupon this week and I'm really trying to get it I trieda few times already and didn't work out too great for me so far so I'm going to try to go to Target this week and really try to do itand I don't have a printer to print out anything so I'm really just working off of my phone to coupon in the Sunday paper any suggestions on helping me become sucessful? thank you for all the videos I found them really helpful…

MAClicious18 says:

I use the accordian binder for holding my coupons & I carry them everywhere!

moon12216reviews says:

I never see any coupon inserts except p&g ones.

ahsmartin says:

I love your videos and the site! Everyone I run into that cuts coupons recommends you…thanks so much for a great resource 🙂

ericka0412 says:

Thank u!!! Very helpful info…

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