S14EP29: Virtual Goody Bag

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The Virtual Goody Bag is a digital version of the traditional goody bag.

With the Virtual Good Bag there is no need of sourcing goody bags, sourcing printed materials and stuffing them.

The Virtual Goody Bag is available right from the time of registration.

It is completely customizable for each event and its sponsors.

It varies in offerings to runners so that they choose what they like.

It creates digital lead generation.

Completely green. Nil wastage of paper.

Coupons redeemable with customizable actions ie. the runner will be presented several ‘coupons’ which he can pick and choose and drop into his Virtual Goody bag. He has control over what he needs.

It leads to considerable savings thus leaving more money on the table for event organizer and event sponsors.

Sponsors will thus get verifiable leads and runners will get to use goods and services that they really need and value.


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